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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A donkey and a flower

Just a relaxing day around the park yesterday to rest up from the 10 km hike we did on Sunday.

So we're sitting with Doug and Nancy at happy hour, and the chairs just happened to be in the shade where Don Quixote was tied up. Ruth had brought some cantaloupe rinds, and donkey just loves to eat cantaloupe rinds. So we were feeding them to him by hand, and he just wanted more and more.

Kevin and donkey.

Kevin says "there's no more, donkey."

Donkey says "well, I'll just try and eat your ear then!"

Many of you will remember last fall when our faithful traveling companion Whiskey passed away. Whiskey is buried here at Hacienda Contreras and we had planted a bottle brush tree to mark the spot. There are several other similar trees here and they had all bloomed with flowers a few weeks ago. Whiskey's hadn't, but it is still a young tree and perhaps it just had to get settled. But a couple of days ago, we were very happy to see that a bloom had appeared!

Whiskey's tree

A flower on Whiskey's tree!

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  1. That is so nice that Whiskeys tree gave you a bloom while you are there!

  2. That donkey had better not make an ass of himself.
    I'm sorry. Really.
    Can't be helped.
    Off to vote. Does that make up for it?

  3. Pushy little donkey isn't he? Maybe he just wanted to give Kevin a big slurpy kiss as a thank you. Whiskey's tree is beautiful for such a young tree.

  4. Kevin and the donkey, kinda reminds me of Ruth and the lamp hat!!

  5. Getting hit on by a donkey? Animal magnetisim? ;c)

  6. The tree and the bloom are very nice. I like living memorials, a lot!

  7. so wonderful that Whiskey's tree bloomed. So often blooming plants are dormant a year...he wanted to maked sure you saw it before you left

  8. butterbean carpenterMay 1, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    Howdy R&K,

    Which is which in the pics; there's so much resemblance!!! The ones of us who treasure our pals and plant trees of remembrance are just
    plain downright, good folks!!! I'd never seen a bottlebrush tree, until now, but it is a very pretty flowering tree and very worthy of
    the honor to be Whiskey's symbol!!! She was and still is loved!!!

  9. That is the first party crashing donkey I have heard of:)

  10. awww love Whiskey's tree..glad it bloomed...beautiful like she was


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