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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Urban Kayaks - Chicago

This was a very cool experience! It's pretty neat going kayaking to begin with, but to do it while weaving your way around the skyscrapers of Chicago was absolutely fantastic!

We chose to do the "Sunset Paddle" although you don't really see the sunset because there are too many skyscrapers in the way. However, the real experience is that you get to kayak after dark! It was a kind of a fluke that we chose the evening experience because our days were already pretty booked. But I think this is probably the best time to do it because the river is quieter and the lights of downtown make it magical.

Of course it's a little cooler in the evening, and it's still really early in the season. We were the only ones booked for the 7:00pm run so it was like having our own private tour!

Ruth with Jo, the Urban Kayaks mascot.

Urban Kayaks is a recent venture started up by brothers and co-owners Aaron and Asher Gershenzon. These young guys are full of enthusiasm for what they're doing and they bring a lot of fun to the adventure.

This is the fountain that goes off once every hour. It's pretty much right beside the dock where Urban Kayaks is located. Warning....you could get wet! It was funny when we returned because I made a wide birth to avoid it in case it did go off!

At their specially built kayaking dock. Aaron and Ruth getting ready to launch into the Chicago River.

Kayaking at dusk among the Chicago highrises.

It's a very neat feeling being out on the water in a tiny kayak. In the evening, the waterway was very quiet and at times you feel like you're the only person around despite being surrounded by millions of people!

Kayaking under North Michigan Avenue and up to the base of the Trump tower.

Highrises at dusk.

Would've been a great picture if I could have forced by eyes not to shut when the flash went off! But I think this picture really speaks to the great experience that it was.

Brothers Aaron and Asher.

What a fun evening that was! Even for beginners, this is a worthwhile event. What a great way to see Chicago from a different perspective. The evening sunset paddle costs $60 per person and includes some narration about the sites as well as some interesting and sometimes strange stories about Chicago's gangsters and ghosts! They also do simple rentals where you can go out by yourself and paddle around. Starting at only $15 for a half hour.

Thanks for the tour Aaron and Asher...good luck this summer!

This was the third installment of today's post. You may want to go back and check our parts one and two in case you missed them!

One last view of the Chicago River at night.


  1. Now that looks very cool. Not sure I could make myself go to Chicago to do it but I sure wish these guys luck with a great business idea.
    And AGAIN you are amazing for finding all these things.


  2. That sounds SO COOL! I love the picture of you both..even though your eyes were closed.

    That reminded me that there is a river in downtown Tampa and that I have always wanted to get some kayaking photos with the skyscrapers in the background.

    Great post....I really enjoyed your paddle!

  3. What a unique experience. Thanks for posting the great pictures.

  4. Wow - what a neat time and so very different. Really enjoyed myself.

  5. a very unique way to see the city!..not one I have ever heard of..so this is a first!..money well spent!!!

  6. as usual great post....loved the last pic

  7. I think that looks like great fun. What a unique way to see Chicago.


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