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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventure Cycle Experience

Back at the end of January 2009 we were camped out in Chiapas, Mexico at a neat little spot called Agua Azul. As we were getting set up, a couple of Canadian cyclists arrived. These young guys were riding their bicycles all the way from Edmonton, Alberta to Buenos Aries, Argentina!

Turns out they were on a one year adventure riding 19,000 kms (11,800 miles), and raising money for charity.

Brothers Keenan and Jeff Cook with Sherman.

Riding down the coast of Oregon

And arriving in Buenos Aries!

They arrived in Buenos Aries in the middle of September 2009, and raised $50,000 for their charity!

Fast forward to the spring of 2012. Keenan has founded a company called Adventure Cycle Experience, and they are starting off this new company doing summer cycling tours of Canada's maritime provinces.

Back in 1976 when I was 14 years old,  I did a two week cycling tour of the maritimes and it was a fantastic experience. The next year, I did a three week cycling tour in England. You see so much more and have such a different experience, and you don't have to be a hard core cyclist to do these trips. Anybody in average physical condition can do 30 to 50 kms (18 to 30 miles) per day. And if you get tired for whatever reason, these guys have a support vehicle on the trip that will give you a lift to your destination.

They have 7 different tours available this summer, all including 5 or 6 days of cycling ranging from average days of 33 kms up to 122 kms for more experienced riders, with accommodation choices of camping or bed and breakfasts. All meals are included and prices include all taxes and fees. And they have options available where they can rent you a bike if you want to arrive without one!

Best of luck Keenan, maybe one day we'll take a ride with you!

Time to go vote again folks...only a week left until the contest ends...


  1. Please pass our congratulations on to Keenan. Sounds like not only a great way to see the country but a way to stay very fit also.

  2. Oh to be young again! Off to vote!

  3. My new goal in life is to see the world at 10mph or slower. Bike, walk and sail...

  4. Congratulations to Keenan!! Outstanding!!
    Just voted!!

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