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Friday, June 1, 2012

May expenses

Not a bad month, considering we had some "capital expenditures"! We spent a total of $1,653.50 in May, and that includes our flight expenses of getting from Mexico to Canada. Also includes five days in Chicago. Also includes a new camera. Hmmm, that's actually pretty good!

We put $50 worth of gas in Ruth's dads car. Unfortunately, $50 worth of gas doesn't go very far in Canada! We'll be putting more in this month.

We spent $192.89 on groceries. This is low considering we're in Canada, but we used up everything we had in the fridge and freezer of the motorhome early in the month before we left Mexico. So we didn't even really buy any groceries until almost half way through the month.

$151.35 on alcohol. This sounds high, but I stocked up on beer the last time we were in Quebec, so I have enough to last until we leave here on June 12th. So really it was around $120 which is about average.

Miscellaneous was high, at $455.58. But this included our new camera at $168.95, and prepaying another year of postal box rental at $212.

Entertainment expenses of $96.68. This is simply GREAT considering it includes all meals out for the month. Remember, we spent five days in Chicago. Even we are amazed that we manage to do so much and keep that figure under $100 a month. In fact, our average for the last 8 months is $75 per month.

We did log overnight expenses of $172. We used $12 worth of electricity while we were parked up at Hacienda Contreras, plus we prepaid $160 for storage of Sherman while we are away until October.

And, we spent $535 on travel. This includes transportation to Guadalajara airport, our flight to Chicago, and our flight from Chicago to Ottawa. For two people, including taxes that is simply awsome! But, we had some Air Miles saved up so our flight to Ottawa was taxes only. Either way, still very frugal traveling!

We have a budget of  $1,350 for June, and that includes our flight from Toronto to London, England. Given that we have no recent real world experience with U.K. prices, and we have no idea where we are staying after June 21 (our three week housesitting in Wakefield cancelled on us!) it will be interesting to see how we make out!

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  1. Love the turtle and yes....sooooooo old looking.

    We are going to stock up on liquor here in sales tax.

  2. Amazing figures! Don't think we could spend that much time searching for deals but then we are not retired.

  3. You need to teach a class on searching for deals. You'd have more people than you could find space for!

  4. butterbean carpenterJune 1, 2012 at 11:19 PM

    Howdy R&K,
    I don't know how y'all do it and blow $$$ like Obama!!!

  5. Under $100 for entertainment! Amazing!

  6. It is really fascinating reading how much you pay for things. I think it is great that you are so much into saving costs!

  7. I'm with Sherry, teach the rest of us. Our food costs are out of sight. If we quit eating, we'd have more for other stuff. That's amazing!!! I'll pay for a class, sounds like a good idea to raise money for you guys, teaching.


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