View from our hike near Beauregard-Baret, France.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Saint-Côme-et-Maruéjols, France.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Towards Andorra.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dundas, Ontario

A bit of a late start yesterday as we left Galetta heading for Dundas, Ontario. We were with Ruth's sister Lesley, and her son Marshal, with their dog Tia. So the car was full, and so was the trunk! We didn't get going until around 11:00am, and it's at least a six hour drive.

Ruth managed to get her bag packed without too much trouble, but it is definitely full. For some reason her bag weighs the same as mine, even though my laptop weighs three times as much as hers. These backpacks expand quite a bit, and by the time they're full I'm pretty sure they are above the size restrictions of the airlines, but I guess we'll see. To be perfectly honest, I haven't measured the exterior now that they're full. I know we're okay for the Sunwing flight anyhow because if they have to be checked, we have no other bags so there won't be additional costs. If we have to worry about it for another flight later, then we'll deal with it at that time.

Stopped a couple of times along the way to let the dog stretch it's legs. Then went through downtown Toronto at rush hour. Last week when our Korean couchsurfer was visiting, she left an expensive watch behind by mistake, and we made a detour to drop it off to the place in Toronto where she would be visiting next. Glad we were able to do that for her and that it all worked out.

Yesterday's drive, 488 kms (303 miles)

Made it to Dundas at around 6:30pm. Dundas is a town about an hour west of Toronto, near Hamilton. We stayed the night here, and then Lesley will drive us to Toronto's Pearson airport this evening after supper, for our 10:00pm Sunwing flight to London.

Received a couple of pieces of exciting news yesterday!

First, I had applied for tickets to be in the studio audience of this Saturday's live broadcast of the popular British game show The Million Pound Drop and yesterday I got an email saying we had been accepted for 4 tickets! We'll be staying with Ruth's aunt in London and we were going to take them with us but it turns out they're already busy that night. Anybody want to go with us?? We have two extra tickets!

And we accepted a six week house sitting offer in a village a little south of Oxford, from July 11 to August 22. Haven't heard back from the girl yet, so I guess it's not totally confirmed, but she offered and we accepted, so I guess it's a go. We'll see!

Not sure when you'll hear from us again. Our flight leaves at 10:00pm EST tonight, and we arrive at 10:20am London time tomorrow morning. There's a five hour time change from here, so probably won't be able to check in with you all until tomorrow afternoon sometime. Unless Toronto airport has free wi-fi, maybe we'll get a post up this evening sometime while we're waiting.


  1. This is so exciting. At least for those of us following. Probably old hat for you guys.

  2. Nope, it's pretty exciting for us too!

  3. You guys have a safe and wonderful trip. Can't wait to follow your travels. The animals wish you a good time and Don Quijote says to come back soon with more carrots. Que les vayan bien.

  4. Methinks Toronto has wifi, but I don't think the term "free" comes into the equation.
    Funny that you'd be hanging out in Dundas, I went to Parkside High school. Graduated in '76. How crazy. In my last year of High-school, I worked part time at Picone's Food Market. I see by Google Maps that it's still there. I wonder if one of his kids is now running the place? I can't see how the parents (Joe and Marie I think) could possibly still be hard at it. That was 36 years ago!
    Anyway, have a nice to flight to London. We're back in Vienna, otherwise we just might have considered those other two tickets. Ha!

  5. Oh and, how totally awesome of you to go out of your way to drop of that watch.
    I'm sure your couch-surfing guest will be very happy to have it back. Good on ya.

  6. Safe travels and enjoy every moment. Maybe if you hang out near a first class lounge at the airport you could pick up an internet signal. Don't worry we will all just keep checking back.

  7. This is going to be a fun experience for all of us reading. Have loads of fun, we'll be here everyday as usual checking in on your adventures.

  8. So excited for you two - have a wonderful adventure - we'll be riding in your hip pockets - hope you don't mind!!! B&C

  9. We are sooo looking forward to seeing your newest adventures as you head "across the pond" ....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Wait...are you saying that Ruth either has a ton of clothes she is taking or that her clothes weigh a ton?

    Congratulations on the tickets. Never heard of the show but will take your word for it that it is great...hahaha

    Congratulations on the house sitting gig too!

    Lastly, safe travels and enjoy the trip!

  11. This is going to be good. Can't wait to see where you'll be house sitting.


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