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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Olympics

Virtually every time we tell someone that we are going to England, the very first question is "Oh, you're going to the Olympics"? Actually, no, we have no intention of going to the Olympics. In fact, if I lived in London I would make sure I was away for the Olympics!

However, in doing our ongoing research about our upcoming British visit, there appears to be a rising surge of British pride. Last week's Queens Jubilee celebrations were so popular with Brits, both at home and those living abroad, that the upcoming Olympic games being held on home soil is a really big deal and a recent study by British Airways shows that many Britons are actively changing their holiday travel plans as the games get closer to be able to be on home soil to cheer on the British contingent of athletes.

With the opening ceremonies only 47 days away, it is going to be an interesting time to be in England. We spend our first eight days actually in London, but really we have no idea where we will be when the games actually begin. But even though we have no intention of going to the Olympics, I'm sure we will have an active interest in the games for the two weeks or so that they are matter where we happen to be.

How much interest do you have in the upcoming games...?


  1. I really enjoy the Olympics. I listen to the athletics being interviewed and how much time and effort it takes to be an Olympic athletic, but I still can't image ever working that long and hard. Just amazing.
    I love watching the "KIDS" not the professionals participate. I know this started back in 1998 with hockey, but I don't like it.
    And I am still upset that they eliminated softball.
    Love the header photo by the way.

  2. Mainstream Media says that a national event is popular?! Amazing. It must be true. Although I've read that ticket sales have been very slow.

  3. I am more of a Winter Olympics fan myself. I guess it started when our son was a downhill ski racer and I spent hundreds of hours as a volunteer timekeeper for the regional races in Terrace, BC.

    Ticket prices at the Olympics have taken it out of the reach of most ordinary people and made it more of a corporate event.

  4. I enjoy watching some of the Olympics. But if I lived in London I would be heading out of town and away from the crowds. Watching it on TV works for me.

  5. I would love to go to the Olympics. I hate crowds but for that I would put up with the it.

  6. It was a great time here in Vancouver two years ago, except for the protesters. Most countries participating had a venue you could visit and taste threir food and booze. Great parties all over the city.

  7. Been there done that, am so glad we didn't rent our house out during the 2010 games, having said that, Whistler was such a different venue than Vancouver. The Olympics(after you deal with the BS from the IOC) are like houseguests, nice to see but happy to have your home (community) back. JMHO. Kelly

  8. Nope, not any interest in the Olympics. Virtually all sports, from university level on up, including the Olympics, have become entertainment and profit focused. And I think we should try to move, as a planet, to a global focus rather than a national focus.

  9. butterbean carpenterJune 12, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    Howdy R&K,
    I have no interest in the Olympics because of the commercialism of the games themselves and NONE of the athletes!! Also I DON'T have TV for the same reason;THOSE SCREAMING HEAD-BUSTING EYE-BLINDING COMMERCIALS, WHICH GO ON CONSTANTLY!!! We used to have Olympics and they were all about the athletes, the history of the games and when the winners were announced they took pride in the country they represented... Now they just worry about their blood-test and if they've managed to cover the substance they used!!! It's all for the commercials!!! Have a great trip!!!


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