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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Giving back to the system

Yesterday I took a drive into Ottawa to run some errands, but also to go for lunch with an old friend and then to meet a new friend!

So I drove down to Ottawa, did some running around, and then met up with my accountant. Not that we currently have a business relationship, but we enjoy getting together a couple of times a year just to have lunch and catch up. We've known each other for over 20 years so there's always something to talk about.

So we had a good lunch and then I only had to drive pretty much across the street to the Ottawa Train Station to pick up our new friend June. As you know, we have used www.couchsurfing.org quite a bit over the last few years but it's been a while since we've been able to host a traveler. We figured that we were set up here for a month so we advertised on the website that we are able to host until June 12. Had a couple of responses, but because we are 45 minutes west of the city, and there is no public transportation, nobody confirmed a visit with us. Until now.

June is a girl in her early 30's who is from South Korea. She's traveling west across Canada by herself, and staying with couchsurfers and friends where possible. There is an empty bedroom here, so she's visiting for a couple of days. Today, Ruth is going into Ottawa with her to show her around. We've stayed with many couchsurfers, but haven't hosted anyone since we sold our house almost five years ago. It feels good to give back to the system!

Ruth, June, and Tony.

Only one more day of voting. Today, I'm going to ask you to vote for my cousin! She's in a VERY tight race for top spot in her category, with only 55 votes separating them from the person in second place. Thanks to all of you, we are firmly in top spot in our category, so I'd rather we vote for her today and tomorrow!

Just visit the link and click the green "vote" button. It will only take five seconds of your time!

The contest ends tomorrow, so every vote counts!


  1. Just wish I could vote more than once.

  2. I just voted twice have access to two servers.

  3. Nice to be able to host someone. I'm still voting for you both!

  4. How nice to give back and host someone else!

    We are going to host a fellow RV blogger who is travelling in a car right now. She is spending Friday night here, in our motorhome in our driveway. Wheeeeee

    I vote from both my laptop and then later on my tablet. Two different IP addresses I guess.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. 8788. And now I'll go off an vote for your cousin. Only have one IP address, so I'm limited to one vote per. Oh well.


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