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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Roca Azul (day 2)

Another beautiful day yesterday, and we decided to go exploring on our bicycles for the first time since entering Mexico. We ended up doing 23 kms (14.5 miles)!

But I'll tell you, riding at the beginning on the bumpy rough cobblestones is not fun! It is especially not fun returning on the same road when you're a little sore and tired.

This area's main agriculture is growing raspberries.

First, we went into the town of Jocotepec. They have built a beautiful malecon along the waterfront with lots of park space and greenery. Some of it is still being worked on. The entire malecon also has free wireless internet access. And the parking lot is such that you could probably overnight for free here in an RV. There looked to be 24 hour security, however we didn't ask. They also have rows of exercise machines that use your own body weight as the resistance. Pretty neat stuff!

Getting some exercise in the park.

If I lived here, I would be here every day!

The malecon in Jocotepec

Then we made our way through the town itself. Their main entrance road is under construction so it was a bit of a mess getting through it all on bicycles, but we made it to the highway. We knew that there is a "cyclopista" (bicycle path) along the highway, that's why we wanted to go there.

Ruth on the cyclopista.

As I've said before, the town of Ajijic and the Chapala region are popular expat areas. There is a fair bit of new construction going on, with the finished products being sold at gringo prices. That's the thing we don't understand about people who move here. I'd rather buy a nice place in a Mexican neighourhood for less than half the price.

New construction in a gated community is being built right up the side of the hill. 

We've done all we want to do in this area, so we are heading to the RV park at Villa Corona's Chimulco water park. They have many hot spring pools and water fun. It will be very busy on a Sunday, so we're trying to get there early. It's only 37 kms (23 miles) away, but it'll probably take us an hour to get there!


  1. I think a hot springs would do me a world of good, even if I had to drive an hour to get there. :)

  2. the walled communities are a little odd and out of place...wonder what the Mexicans think of them....

  3. The hot springs sound like a whole lot more fun than riding over cobblestones and through construction.

  4. Nice excursion today for you guys.

    I do not understand why the gringoes go to Mexico then bring all their expensive habits and toys with them, changing what they came to Mexico for ?

    Enjoy your day at the hot springs.

  5. I'n with Jim and Sandie...I'd prefer the hot springs to cobblestones on a bicycle! It looks like a very nice place to live to me.

  6. What a beautiful park! I have never seen workout equipment like that in any park. I guess the weather has something to do with it.
    I think my rear would hurt a bit after that ride. Awesome pictures.

  7. Oh Warm bicycle riding weather and hot springs. Sounds divine! It was 29 here this morning which is nearly unheard of. Weather chaos I guess.

    Folks in the south say the same thing about Northerners invading their lovely towns and then complaining that there isn't enough fancy shopping, five star restaurants and the people drive too slowly and........... Not sure why people want to bring all the things I thought they wanted to get away from with them when they move.


  8. nice work on the bike ride!!!..good for you two!!

  9. Lovely day. Bet Ruth enjoyed her new bike on that route.

  10. Judy and Emma...The natural thermal pools were wonderful. Loved watching the Mexicans at play.

    mermaid gallery...I don't know what the Mexicans think of it but I know we didn't like them. They were really close together and expensive by Mexican standards.

    Jim and Sandie...The water felt so nice, too bad they didn't have hot tubs or whirlpool tubs, they would have made my hiney feel better. The bike ride was a little bumpy!

    George and Suzie...We don't get it either. One of the reasons we wouldn't live in a place like that.

    Karen and Al...Yep, we sure enjoyed the thermal pools. We would rather be with the Mexican community than the gringo community.

    FULL-TIMERS...They have done a beautiful job on the park, I just hope that they will keep it up and not let if fall to ruins like some places do. We have never seen workout equipment like that either and people think Mexico is backwards! My rear did hurt after that ride!

    Sherry...The weather is perfect here. 29 sounds way to cold!!! We are firm believers that if you go to a different area or country, you have to adapt to their ways, not have them adapt to yours. If you don't like it, move back to where you came from, that is our belief!

    Sue and Doug...Thank you. It was a long ride for our first time out for a while but it did feel good.

    Contessa...I did enjoy my new bike, but it will still take a bit of getting used to.

    Kevin and Ruth


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