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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Dulmen, Germany.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rincon de Guayabitos (day 5)

Went off to do some exploring yesterday morning. The two towns here, La Penita and Rincon de Guayabitos, are separated by a river. Guayabitos is more of a resort town with a nicer beach, and La Penita comes across as more of a working class town, although it also has it's share of rental accomodations. Not quite as touristy though.

We decided to walk to La Penita and visit the two other RV Parks there just for something to do. Besides the main highway bridge, there is a swinging pedestrian foot bridge between the two towns.

Walking across this bridge made you walk like a drunk!

A beautiful hand painted mural on the wall outside an expensive home.

We walked through town and then headed to the waterfront. The first park in La Penita was called "Little Rig RV Park", however it looks like it could easily take rigs to 34' or so. There are only 6 sites, but 5 of them were empty. It's really the guys beach house, where he has turned part of the property into RV parking spaces. Nice enough looking place, but not for us because the Canadian owner charges $25 per night (320 pesos) and was not negotiable. And our opinion is that if you are paying in prices quoted in dollars, you are paying too much. Oddly enough, he quotes the price in dollars, but only accepts Mexican pesos for payment. When I asked how many pesos, he said 350. Very strange. And very expensive.

We walked about 1 km further down the beach to the large and popular "La Penita RV Park".

The beach at La Penita RV Park.

There was only one guy sitting out at the beach. This RV park is almost full, and has around 120 sites, yet nobody was on the beach. We wandered around the sites. Looks like most people come down and stay for at least a month with many probably here all winter. Not our kind of park though, with the RV's packed very close together, we like a little more space. And again, prices in U.S. dollars. This obviously doesn't bother many people, but it does bother us.

RV's at La Penita RV park.

Monthly rates here are between $500 and $600 dollars. What I can't figure out, is that you can rent a VERY nice two bedroom apartment for that kind of money. You can rent local Mexican style accommodation for less than $300 per month. If we were to ever want to stay in one spot down here, it wouldn't be in an RV...we would simply fly down and rent. We have a home with wheels so that we can travel and explore!

On the way back in Guayabitos, we snapped a photo of another expensive RV park. This place is simply a concrete parking lot...

Mostly Quebec rigs in this lot, while mostly British Columbia plates in La Penita. Hardly any from Ontario, or the U.S., although did see plates from Washington, Oregon, and Montana.

This restaurant in Rincon de Guayabitos obviously has cold beer!

Our swimming pool at dusk.

Walked 8 kms (5 miles) yesterday! Not sure if we're going to stay on here today. We think we'll ask the owner if he would like to continue our pricing deal for another day or two because there is only one other rig here. Totally up to him. We are not costing him anything, so whatever he collects from us is pure profit. If not, we are quite happy to move on.


  1. Hope you get to stay if that is what you want, that pool and view of the beach is great.Our fiver is going to the shop today, I will be asking the tech to take pictures as the job progresses, just curious as to how this is fixed. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Hope you work out a couple more nights. I don't understand why, if your park is almost empty, you wouldn't be willing to come down in your price. Isn't some money better than none? It would be in my book.

  3. Looks to me like having a couple drinks under your belt would probably help when crossing that bridge.
    Or at least it couldn't hurt!

    Talk about packed in like sardines! Pretty sure I wouldn't want to hear my neighbour going to the toilet.
    Even for just an "overnight" those sites are way too close.

  4. Penita RV Park has a website and it looks like most of the people there know each other and hang out together for the season. So it's a lot more to them than just a place to park the RV for the winter. Renting an apt would be a lot cheaper.

  5. A swinging bridge is too scarey for me! I do not like them even if they are 6" off the ground.
    The pool at dusk looks like a place I would like to sit with a nice drink and just chill.

  6. I could not stay at La Penita or even Rincon, in the parking lot place that would accommodate our size RV....even if you gave me a free month!! Need the beach and space.....

  7. Sam and Donna...Well, we did stay one more day...the pool was calling us. Good luck with the repairs to the fiver.

    Jim and Sandie...We decided to stay just one more night. The owner was more than happy to accommodate us and we aren't costing him any money staying. We also believe that some money is better than no money but it seems some people don't believe in this concept.

    Bob...It felt like we had a couple of drinks under our belt when we crossed. I would rather park at a Walmart than there.

    CAE...I agree with you. It seems that's what a good majority of people like and that's why they go to parks like that. It just isn't us though, we know we are different from a lot of RV's but that's just us! Renting an apartment is definitely cheaper.

    Full-Timers...As long as I know it is safe, I'm OK with them. The pool is definitely beautiful at night.

    Chris...Yep, unless you get a pile of boondockers all together, we have seen that too!

    Contessa...We don't necessarily need the beach but we definitely need our space.

    Kevin and Ruth


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