Saranda, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Sarandë, Albania.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Chacala (day 2)

Yesterday morning we went for a walk to try and get to the beach on the other side of town. It turns out that the entire property surrounding the other beach is private property and inaccessible by the average person. The only way to get to the beach there is by boat. All beaches in Mexico are public property, however sometimes access to a beach can only be by boat.

So instead we walked up the hill at the far end of our beach. There's a hotel there and we had heard about a walking path behind the hotel. We did find it, and it led to some lots where somebody a while ago had grand plans to build their dream home and then just stopped for whatever reason.

Ruth on the steps to somebody's unfinished dream home.

Then we came to a road that went further up the hill, so we hiked up there. It was pretty warm, and hiking uphill made us sweat like crazy. My shirt was soaked. Along the way was another dream home under construction, but we kept walking. At the top was some kind of guard house and we wanted to see the house but a couple of dogs came running so we turned around. 

The guardhouse at the top of the road up to somebody's expensive house.

Managed to get an idea of the view they must have!

Spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach again. Watched a boat come in to the bay and happened to have the binoculars with me to see that it is from Vancouver, BC. That's the boat that was in our sunset picture tonight.

Sunset at Chacala.

Heading out of here this morning though. Too many dogs barking at night make for not a good sleep. Only going about 30 kms down the road to Rincon de Guayabitos. Might be a little too touristy for our liking, but I guess we'll see!


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to visit, to bad the beach was so hard to get to. Gotta love the sort travel days!

  2. love the new header shot!!..and to think the boat is from Vancouver!!..whoohoo!!..enjoy your short travel day!!

  3. Fabulous sunset shot! Great view from up the hill but I prefer to be down closer to the water and beach. Rincon has some good sides, try to get to the market in La Penita if you can, Can't remember what days it is open!

  4. Now your in my stomping grounds. Our best friends live in Guaybitos. You may like Lo de Marcos better, just another few clicks south on hiway 200 from Guaybitos.

  5. gorgeous sunset shot..very interesting that the boat was from safe today....

  6. Great pictures, to bad you couldn't get on the beach. Hope you had a good holiday. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  7. Love your header shot today - looks so peaceful!

  8. Beautiful pictures. The view from the home on the hill is breath taking! Enjoy another day in paradise!

  9. Great looking beach. I always wonder what the story is behind those abandoned projects.

  10. Nice pictures and a beautiful day. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. A pity you couldn't get to the beach. The scenery looks beautiful.

  12. I love your last photo of the sunset! Looks like a lovely place!


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