Saranda, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Sarandë, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Nokovë, Albania on April 21st

Monday, November 14, 2011

Etzatlan, Mexico (day 7)

Yesterday was our last day here at Delia's Trailer Park. We're heading out of here this morning, back on the road!

Never did make it to the baseball game yesterday. Bonnie wasn't sure when it started, and by the time it got past noon, our ambition to go anywhere had pretty much disappeared. So I just puttered around on Sherman and Ruth did some laundry and cleaned the bathroom.

Ruth, Lani, Nancie, and Sharon.

We had visitors yesterday afternoon. Lani and her husband used to bring their RV here, and ended up buying a house on the ranch so now she lives here full time. Her friends Nancie and Sharon are visiting from the states for a few weeks. Anyhow, they came over to say hello and we had a good chat about Mexico and travel.

Once a month or so, I get the trouble light and crawl underneath Sherman for a half an hour or so and just inspect things. This time, I saw a small gasoline leak coming from the fuel line that goes to the generator. It turned out to be a simple fix, but it reinforced the idea that these monthly inspections are a worthwhile thing to do!

Mommy scorpion with her babies! Nasty!

We are not hooked up to services here, and I was looking to see which dump station would be the most convenient to use when we leave. There was a rock over a hole right near us, and you could tell the rock hadn't been moved in a long time. So I lifted it up, and there was a scorpion with her babies. I don't think I've ever seen a scorpion in the wild. They sure are nasty looking critters. Turned out that dump hole was out of service anyhow.

Ruth, at the Mi Casa restaurant in Etzatlan.

We took Bonnie out for supper last night to thank her for her hospitality during our stay here. We really enjoyed our week here! Ruth and I each had a bowl of pazole and Bonnie had cheese enchiladas. I had two beers, Ruth had a tequila and squirt, and Bonnie had rice water. Total bill including tip was 175 pesos ($13.65)! Have I mentioned lately that we love Mexico??!!


  1. Oh, man. I have seen scorpions, but never with the babies. Wow! Hope I never do! I might scream a little. So where are the ladies from? The US or Canada? It does look like a great place, both the town and the campground. Whiskey's tree is fine. Take care.

  2. Never have seen a scorpion and I hope to keep it that way. Safe travels today.

  3. Another wonderful day, just hanging out and enjoying a tasty inexpensive meal, sure do love Mexico.

    Yes checking under the coach is a good thing, I spotted a broken tailpipe hanger and managed to repair it before it was tool late.

  4. Certainly not the average sweet animal baby!!! Nasty indeed!

  5. Aw...a Mommy and her babies!


    That's one thing about those warmer climates, it's not much of a stretch to see some really nasty looking insects. We once had a centipede in our garage in Puerto Rico that I measured at 6 inches long. (put the tape measure down next to it and snapped a pic) Then I read that they have them in Texas that can grow to be a foot long! Ay Carumba!
    Everything has to be bigger in Texas I suppose.
    And they have a nasty bite. Kind of similar to that cute Mommy in the picture.

  6. eww on the scorpion and her family...not something I'd want to come across...nasty for sure...but I suppose every creature has a place in this world..just too bad it was under your safe

  7. a Momma scorpion and her babies?..that is the furthest thing from cute in the animal kingdom!..did you 'scream like a girl?'..cause I sure would have!!
    onwards to the next adventure!..where are we 'all' going next?

  8. Travel safe and watch out for dangerous critters!

    Thanks for your recent comment on My Blog

    Take care and have a wonderful week :-)

  9. That scorpion family made my hair stand on end! Eek!

  10. Yes Kevin you can find all kinds of things laying on your back under a MH while I was doing my grease job a couple of weeks ago I noticed a drop of oil on the bottom of the oil filter took my rag to wipe it off and turned it to check for tight and sure enough I was able to hand turn it about 2 turns, a few more miles down the road it may have fell off or possible caused a bad leak.

  11. Everybody is freaked out about the scorpion family,thats part of life living in the area. I'm thinging more of what a deal on the meal.

  12. I have never seen a scorpion up close and personal and I NEVER want to!
    Glad the little leak was an easy one to fix!
    Safe travels tomorrow.

  13. We found a scorpion in the MH last summer... Thank goodness there were no babies and she wasn't as big as that one!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  14. Howdy y'all,
    When I was about 2-3 I picked up a scorpion by the stinger and placed it between my grandfather's nose and the newspaper he was reading.. He
    calmly said,"James David put the bug down..", I did AND HE PROMPTLY

    I wouldn't be crawling around on the ground there anymore!!!

    Thank you for the story on the bollas.. Joyce is an archaeologist/
    anthropologist and went bananas over it.. She's been on the eastern
    Yucatan coast and Belize 'digging' for different universities..

  15. Very cool picture! Where are you guys headed to now?

  16. Your scorpion reminds me of the time my friend bought a scorpion at a pet store only to bring it home and a week later it had little babies.
    My guess would be that the babies on that scorpion you saw are almost ready to leave their mothers' back.
    The ones that my friend had were about that size when they started to wander around.
    They actually live and feed off her back for a few months before they are ready for that.
    We had to separate the babies in the terrarium at my friends house per the advice from the pet store, and they all ended up dying.
    The pet store said that a momma scorpion can decide when she is going to be pregnant, and hold the fertile eggs in her body for up to two years!
    What cute little instars she has. I hope they live a long time!

  17. A nasty looking scorpion indeed. Mexico sounds a great place!


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