The Albanian side of Lake Ohrid.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Shkoder, Albania on May 19th!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mazatlan (day 3)

Yesterday morning, we went back to the historic central area with Lee. She works as a volunteer to help tourists in need of information or directions, so it made sense to share a taxi down there because we were meeting fellow bloggers Contessa and Colin in the same area at 11:30am.

So we wandered around for an hour...went to the big market. Lots of fresh food, I think if we lived here that's where we'd do our grocery shopping!

Then we walked along the malecon again for a bit. It was a little more of a cloudy day, but still nice and warm. The beach here is in the old section of town, the busier beach is over closer to the hotel zone.

Still too early for any body to be on the beach.

Ruth, going for a motorcycle ride!

Then, we went back to the plaza and met up with Contessa and Colin. They are from British Columbia and have a beautiful diesel pusher motorhome that they park on the other side of the Mazatlan port on Stone Island. It's not really an island, it's really a peninsula and you can drive there in a bit of a roundabout way. But may locals take a small ferry boat ride to get from the main city of Mazatlan over to Stone Island.

The fish market at the port always has lots of pelicans hanging around!

Heading over to Stone Island.

Contessa and Colin had their car waiting at the ferry parking on the other side so they took us for a tour of "The Isla" before heading over to their motorhome. They just finished building a nice palapa (shade structure) and they have a really nice spot to spend the winter.

The view from under their palapa.

Enjoying cocktails, with musical accompaniment!

Going for a walk on the beach with Contessa, Colin, and their two pups.

Ruth, at dinner.

The rest of us at dinner!

Then, Colin drove us back to the water taxi. It cost 6 pesos (47 cents) each. Then we tried to get a taxi back to Lee's, but couldn't get anybody to take us for 40 pesos ($3.12) so eventually we had to pay 50 pesos ($3.90)!

Today, we are taking the 11:00am bus back to Tepic. We've had a great long weekend in Mazatlan! Thanks for your hospitality Lee, Contessa, and Colin!


  1. Marvelous view from Contessa and Colin's place. :)

  2. We love the Centro market too!
    Looks like a fun day, and great that you made it to the Isla. A very nice spot there!

  3. what a great spot that Contessa and Colin have..I would never tire of that view!!!

  4. What a great day and you got to meet Colin and exciting....they certainly have a wonderful spot for the winter..great pictures!! Thanks for sharing...

  5. Loved the motorcycle ride picture. And such a fun day with Contessa and Colin. Beautiful view.

  6. The view from under their palapa looks like they are in Hawaii. Gorgeous!
    Sounds like a perfect day!

  7. Nice. Everything.
    I would have been tempted to have the young lad at the "carniceria" cut me off a couple nice thick steaks from whatever piece he was trimming. It looked like a nice piece of meat.
    Of course, getting to market first thing in the morning then means getting everything home again and out of the heat.
    I started taking a cooler with me with a couple ice packs when we lived in P.R.

  8. Neat oh - you all sure have lots of fun in Mexico - love reading both of your blogs - glad you had a great day in Mazatlan!

  9. nice time you to had... no doubt!

  10. Colin and Contessa live on the nicest beach. What a way to spend the winter!

  11. Great you caught up with your blogging mates. Fantastic photos!

  12. Yeah, that sure is a great place to spend the winter!


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