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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rincon de Guayabitos (day 3)

Whales? There are no whales in this area. At least there weren't yesterday. The whales took Sunday off! So it's a good thing we didn't pay very much for our three hour tour, because it was a kind of a bust.

But, we still had fun. There were 16 of us on the boat, and 12 of them were all one extended family, then there was us, and another couple. The others were all Mexican, so we got some more practice using our Spanish. First they took the boat south along the coast, showing us a few beaches along the way. Ruth and I had already walked to these beaches the other day, so we got a view of them from the water. Then, we spent an hour further out at sea looking for whales or dolphins, but didn't see anything. The guy who sold us our tickets said 100% chance of seeing whales, 80% dolphins, and 50% sea turtles. So if we see him again, I'll mention that he maybe wants to change that to 99% whales!

Kevin and our new beach umbrella!

We had bought a beach umbrella yesterday morning before our boat trip. The beach vendors wanted 300 pesos ($23.40) but we got one at a store a few blocks inland for 220 pesos ($17.16). It came in handy at the island they stopped at on the way back. We were supposed to do some snorkeling, but the water was too rough for that. So we just sat on the beach and had our lunch.

The view from the island.

Yesterday morning, we saw a cross on a hill above the town and figured out how to walk up to it. Nice view from the top, and quite a few stairs to get up there. A nice morning workout.

Ruth and the view of the bay at Rincon de Guayabitos.

After our boat trip, we just sat on the beach and relaxed. Then, we went for a walk to see if we could see a restaurant for Ruth's birthday dinner. Along the way, we saw another RV park that we had missed before. It's  actually a hotel, with 8 spots for RV parking, and 7 of them are empty. It's really pretty though, and they have a beautiful swimming pool. I made a deal with the guy for 2 nights at 150 pesos ($11.70) per night so we think we'll move over there today.

Most restaurants close early on Sunday's so we thought we were going to have a hard time finding something decent. But we found a place with reasonable prices and we each had chicken fajitas. The plate of food was huge, with rice and fries and a salad as well as all the fajita makings. I had a beer, and Ruth had a pina colada. Total cost including tip was 207 pesos ($16.15).

Interesting to note that the Canadian dollar/Mexican peso exchange rate is at it's most favorable level for Canadians in history. It is now cheaper than ever for a Canadian to live or travel in Mexico.

10 year chart of CAN$ vs Mex peso


  1. Sounds like the boat ride wa kind of a bust, now whales and no snorkeling. I would have enjoyed both. Glad Ruth had a nice birthday dinner with a drink to go with, you know Kevin as the girls get older you have to really take care of them or they get crabby. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. Still a nice day, boat ride and dinner out to celebrate. Gotta love the peso too!

  3. Happy Birthday R UTH!!! I took the same boat ride in March and was amazing whales right up to the boat.....I like Rincon have fun cheers Les

  4. In all the places where we could have seen whales (Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, off the Gaspe) we have NEVER seen a stinkin' whale! And I heard from one of my cousins that there was one company in N.S. that would stay out there until you saw a whale, since they had some sort of "money back" deal.
    Could take hours.
    I'd hurl.
    I just figure I have a better chance of seeing one on TV, and considering we don't have TV, that could be a challenge.

  5. good looking currency chart - unfortunately all I have area American dollars...

  6. Belated birthday greetings.....have been offline for 4 days. Take the RV park with the swimming poll, a great deal. I could have told you about the whales, must go further south.

  7. Let's see...boat ride, beach, RV park with a swimming pool...boy is life tuff for you two.

  8. lovely blue umbrella!..even better that the sun is shining!!!..and you are on the beach!!

  9. Sam and Donna...Yeah, the boat ride was a bust for dolphins and whales but we still had a good time. At least we didn't spend lots of money on the tickets.

    George and Suzie...We had a great day, thanks!

    Les...I think we are still a little too early in the season for the whales. Maybe we will have to come back in January or so!

    Bob...You had us laughing, love your comment. We saw some whales when we were down our first year in Cabo San Lucas and really enjoyed it.

    heyduke50...The US exchange rate is even better with the pesos than the Canadian dollar.

    Contessa...Thanks Contessa! We took it, it is a great deal and such a pretty place. It is too early in the season yet for the whales.

    Full-Timers...Life is so tough with all the decisions we have to make!

    Sue and Doug...Life is good!

    Kevin and Ruth


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