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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November expenses

November turned out okay for us. Still well under our budget of $1,000 per month, November came in at a total of $879.17. Nothing out of the ordinary, so here's the details...

Gasoline: Spent $117.57 on gasoline. Will probably be slightly higher than that for December, but not by much.

Propane: Didn't have to fill up. Will need a fill up within the next week or so though, so there will be an expense for December. Doesn't matter...propane is so cheap here.

Groceries: Spent only $175.18 on groceries. That's after spending only $168.69 on groceries in the month of October. And you know we eat well, and we don't eat out often. Groceries are cheap here.

Alcohol: Spent $89.10 on booze. That's the cheapest month since last December.

Miscellaneous: Another decently cheap month, however we don't have Whiskey anymore, and a lot of doggie expenses had been piling into this category. Spent a total of $114.74, and that included a beach umbrella that we bought, as well as our travel expenses for our long weekend in Mazatlan.

Entertainment: $101.02, and that includes meals out for the month.

Overnight expenses: Definitely higher than normal, at $262.47. But we knew this trip was going to be a little more expensive in this regard, plus we made the decision to splurge a little in the last few days. December should be cheaper.

So there you have it...more than two full months in Mexico, for total expenses of less than $800 per month average.


  1. It's wonderful that you can live so cheaply in Mexico and still enjoy yourself in a beautiful warm place.

  2. I really appreciate you guys publishing your expenses and discussing you costs in general. Thanks.

  3. Amazing! Makes me wonder why Mexican people want to come to the US to live. They must like our high prices.

  4. Thanks for posting real world expenses. It lets us dreamers know what can be accomplished and how much living and fun can be had within a certain budget.


  5. So happy to find such detail on many aspects of living full time in a motor home! In beginning stages of preparation for building my own and going surfing in Mexico. You have been so helpful. Thank you!


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