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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rincon de Guayabitos (day 4)

We knew we were going to have to get water and empty the tanks soon so decided to do some driving yesterday. We drove a whole block! Hardly had time to warm the engine up! And what a place we arrived at...

The El Dorado is a small upscale hotel right on the beach that also has 7 RV parking spots. The sites are made for smaller units, anything over 30 feet would have a tough time, plus we only just squeezed under the arch at their entrance way. Sherman is 28 feet, plus our bicycles sticking out the back. We just fit!

But first, I had said I would show you where we had been. It wasn't a bad spot, but not the most scenic....

Where we had parked for the weekend at 100 pesos ($7.80) per night.

This is where we moved to...for 150 pesos ($11.70) per night!

This place is beautiful...feels like we're at a 5 star resort! Originally, the owner wanted $25US per night. We explained that we don't need electricity and that his sites were empty and being cleaned up. I offered him 100 pesos per night, and he came back to me with 300 pesos for two! It's so nice, we're hoping he'll let us stay longer, but we'll see what happens tomorrow. We have full use of facilities, and decent wi-fi. Here's some more photos of this place...

Yesterday afternoon, we were invited for happy hour at 4:00pm down the beach at the Flamingo RV Park. We had stopped in there the day before when we were scouting out our next overnight spot and met Tony and Loraine who are from Vancouver Island area. Had fun talking with the group over there. Thanks for inviting us!


  1. I always stay there when I am in town the owners are lovely and have been in business for years as you say a fantastic spot I always pay the 25 dollars cannot beat the price what is a beach front 5 star spot...enjoy...Les

  2. Looks like you have a beautiful spot. What do you think of Guayabitos--the town and the beach? Is this a place you would come back to? We are really enjoying your trip with you!

  3. looks like a fabulous spot!!..enjoy the pool and the amenities!!

  4. We know that spot well. We couldn't get through the arch or would have stayed there. Our friends camped there for over a month and loved it. We spent visited there each day we stayed at Oasis. Lovely pool and meeting area off the pool, as well. As Les, says, even $25 is a deal with all the amenities and beach front setting! Can you get them to raise that arch while you are there???

  5. I've already picked my table near the pool and have a High Life light on order.You guys can sure find the greatest places to stop and at that price it is a steal, Bet he wouldn't have come down if he had many spaces full.Have fun and enjoy your stay. Sam & Donna..

  6. What a gorgeous spot ~ I could stay there for a long time!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  7. Simply Gorgeous spot! Now I'm thinking I need to shrink poor Winnona at 34' so I could go there.


  8. Now that is the way to celebrate Ruth's special birthday!

  9. Love your blog, just wondering why you are always trying to get the best price from the Mexicans. Remember You guys are the privileged ones

  10. Hi Mr. (or Mrs>) Anonymous.

    We try and get the best price for anything we do. It is the way we live our lives. There are many privileged Mexicans, and we don't take advantage, we simply allow the person we are dealing with to decide if they want the deal. You make it sound like we are forcing them to accept our offer.

    My question to you would be, why would you not want the best deal you can get? Or do you have so much money that it doesn't matter to you?

  11. gorgeous spot...not that we'd ever get thru those arches..very very nice resort..

  12. When I was in Rincon in early Oct. I studied that gate (or arch) and noticed that it does have a pin in the center and hinges on each side. I bet the gate is to avoid the monster land yachts that we see traveling on the highways and byways of mexico. By the way is ANYBODY heading to Acapulco? Just curious on wat persons are travelling to Mexico? Be safe Juan

  13. What a fantastic spot! Enjoy.

    P.S. Where do you find places to dump and fill in Mexico if you are not at a resort?

  14. Thanks. I really appreciate your pictures and what the various things you do costs. I'm on a fixed income and these things really matter to me. A great reason for bargaining is that quite often the price quoted is based on what you look like. Or try fueling up at a PEMEX station without paying attention......

  15. Absolutely gorgeous site. Too bad the sites are too short for a lot of rigs.

  16. As always life is treating you right. Very nice place..

    Hey keep going for the best deal,thats the way we would do it.

  17. looks like you two scored big on the new site... the old site wasn't too bad either for the price and given the location...

  18. Looks like a great spot, you are gonna get spoiled!! Have fun.

  19. Oh My Gosh...this place is AWESOME! I would go NO WHERE...just sit and take it all in! Enjoy your gorgeous place.

  20. Too many comments to answer individually so I will make it a bulk one and then just answer the questions that some people had.

    We do really like the place and it is probably worth the $25 when you compare it to some places in Canada and the States but when we don't use the electricity then we look for a discount. Electricity is the most expensive thing in a RV place here, so by not using it we cause them very little expense.

    Michael Kane...We have been pleasantly surprised with Guayabitos, it is fairly touristy and prices do reflect this but we have enjoyed our time here. Would we come back...if we were in the area we would but we would not make a special point of returning just to return here.

    Paula and Jerry...Apparently they have already raised it once a few years ago. You might want to ask next time you are in the area if he could open up the arch. Trkdrivinfool is correct there is a way to open it!

    Sam and Donna...I don't think you could find a High Life Light down here, you would have to have a subsitute. No, I don't think he would have made us a deal if they were busy.

    Trkdrivinfool...You are right there is a way to open the top of the arch and you maybe right about keeping bigger units out.

    Daryl...All these RV places have dump stations and water. In fact most of the places that we have stayed have full hook ups we just choose not to hook up and the day we leave we will dump and fill with water.

    CAE...You are totally right!

    Kenny and Angela...Thanks! Doesn't matter where we are we always try to get a deal.

    heyduke50...Yep, they both had good points.

    Kevin and Ruth

  21. El Dorado is a place we have stayed at, and in the bungalows too. The only real issue if that the sewage smell from the junction of sewer lines at the retorno make it not very nice. The lovely little narrow pond it the middle is also a mosquito breeding ground and the last time we stayed there my wife got Dengue fever, not a nice experience.

    1. It was a while ago that we had stayed there but neither one of us remember any kind of sewer smell. Also don't remember any kind of mosquito problem at least when we were there anywhere because we hate mosquitoes. Sorry that you wife contracted Dengue fever, we have heard that is something you don't want to get. Hope she is doing well now.


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