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Friday, September 2, 2011

August expenses

Again, spending more than we wanted to, with August coming in at $1,747. But, the majority of the extra was split between vet bills for Whiskey and renovations for Sherman.

We still spent $162 on gasoline in the little car, even though we feel like we didn't go anywhere! Keeping in mind that we are paying the equivalent of U.S. $4.91 per gallon here.

Didn't have to buy any propane since Sherman has been sitting plugged in and so the fridge ran on electric all month. And of course we did all cooking in the house so Sherman's propane tank is still full.

Spent $153 on alcohol, which isn't very much booze when you consider how expensive it is here in overtaxed Canada.

Spent $177 on groceries, but we had stocked up on a lot of items before coming into Canada. Plus, Ruth's Dad has a full size freezer that is now a little emptier than it was when we arrived!

Spent $758 on miscellaneous. This category is almost always higher than we'd like it to be. Something always seems to come up. August was more vet bills for Whiskey. Plus, we renewed our passports and that alone was $174. Plus passport photos, and parking downtown, etc etc. It just all adds up. Plus, of course everything we buy here in Ontario is subject to 13% sales tax.

$91 on entertainment. This includes meals out. We always do pretty good in this category and seem to be able to fully enjoy our lives without spending money.

And, $405 on Sherman. But this was all the renovations and repairs. Imagine what it would have cost had we paid someone to do the work!

September will probably be more than August, with the majority of expense being gasoline for our trip down to Mexico. We leave in 5 days!


  1. That is pretty good. We have done a lot of travel in Aug and some expensive sightseeing, so we were over 3K this month:(

  2. Make sure as you head our way if at all possible
    dont fuel up in Illinois, try to make it to us.
    We have some of the lowest gas prices in the country. Of course, like the other day on my way to work it was $3.19, on my way home it was $3.69, it flucuates wildly, but on the whole is much cheaper than other places. I have a list of several 'free' activities for your St Louis adventure. See ya' soon.....Donna

  3. Sure wish I could figure out how to keep expenses under $2000. Even sitting in the kid's driveway we seem to be able to find ways to spend money.

  4. We've been too afraid to track our expenses, but you're inspiring us. We claim to be "frugal;" time to put our figures where our mouth is.


  5. Just found your blog . . . great site. At first I thought "Travels with Whiskey" refered to the delicious amber restorative. Now I know it's more like Travels with Charley. As much as we love our whiskey, we do love pets more. Looking forward to following along on your travels.

  6. 5 days already? time really flies!!!!

  7. Norma has $5,000 worth of dental work to be done this month so there goes our budget! Seven years ago we bought her dentist a waterfront house in Bosnia! Really! Dental work is not free in Canada.

    Taxes, taxes! Gotta love those "Liberals", eh?

  8. Chuck and Anneke...Yep, when you do a fair bit of driving it is certainly hard to keep the fuel expenses down. As for the sightseeing, we have to make tough choices there and do only what we really want to see, or find alternative ways of enjoying the area, for us that is usually hiking.

    Sam and Donna...Kevin has it all figured out for our fuel stops. We will put fuel in, in PA and then that should take us to Missouri. Mind you any of the prices down there are better than the ones here! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend :).

    Jim and Sandie...We keep saying the same thing. Somehow we always find ways to spend our money.

    Roxanne...Everyone's idea of being frugal are different. If you are spending less money than when you had a house and living life simpler then I guess you are living more frugal. It all is in perspective to how much money we each have.


    Brian @ Wanderings...Lol, we had another comment one day saying that they thought we drank a lot because we always took a whiskey on our walk, until they realized that Whiskey was our dog. Kevin does like a nice whiskey though! Hope you enjoy our travels.

    WBY...Yep, time is flying! We will soon be on the road to another adventure.

    Croft...You are coming down to Mexico this winter aren't you? Why isn't Norma getting her teeth fixed down there? Kevin had his done 3 winters ago. He had a bridge done and it cost us about $550 whereas having it done up here he had quotes for up to $3K. He has been very happy with the work and wouldn't hestiate to have anything done to his teeth down there again. The denist was professional and his office very clean, he even spoke at bit of english.

    Donna...Thanks, we will keep trying to do better.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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