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Monday, September 26, 2011

Potrero Chico (day 2)

Didn’t get any sleep Saturday night. None. As expected, the church party went on as a lot of Mexican parties do, right until sunrise. The music was loud and it never stopped.

Even though we didn’t like it, we realize that this is the way people do things here and who are we to try and change their ways. However, when the owner came by yesterday I made sure to comment that we should not have to pay and he agreed. So Saturday night was free. Otherwise, we are paying 100 pesos ($7.80) per night. And we will stay a couple more nights.

Tried to get on the internet yesterday morning with our Mexican TelCel internet stick, and the number still works so that is good, but it comes up as saying the time needs to be recharged. Then tried our Canadian mi-fi, and it works but the roaming fees would be ridiculous. Went on just long enough to check our email and post yesterdays blog.

One email was from Chris, mentioning that they would not be here Saturday afternoon, but would see us Sunday morning, and sure enough they arrived well before lunch. They got their trailer unhitched and suggested we go into town for a bite to eat. So we took Whiskey with us and hopped in their truck. We went to a place that does roast chicken and had a nice lunch. Then, we went to an Oxxo store and put one month (3GB) of usage on our TelCel stick for 500 pesos ($39.00). Then, a bank machine to pick up some pesos. The Canadian dollar is very strong versus the peso right now and so Mexico is currently now cheaper for us than it has ever been.

The road to Potrero Chico

Back at Potrero Chico, I confirmed that our internet stick works, so we are now back online wherever there is a cell signal. And Mexico has a very good cellular infrastructure. Then, we sat out in the shade and talked for a while but it wasn’t long before it was time for a nap. Managed to grab some shuteye before dinner, so that was good.

The view from our campsite

Sherman gets the morning shade, but also the hot afternoon sun.

Chris and Juan had brought some steaks for us all and we cooked them up on the Weber. They were delicious! Then we sat outside under the stars for the evening and solved the worlds problems. We enjoyed our visit so much that it was almost midnight before we finally went to bed. Had a great sleep last night, and it looks like another warm sunny day today!

Dinner with Chris and Juan


  1. Love the pictures, wish we were with you guys and away from Donna having to work,and the kid;s living with us, only see one beer bottle so Chris & Juan must me wine drinkers, I would be asleep after a couple if glasses of wine, As you know I can handle the beer just fine.Donna is gone after two small glasses of wine, what an easy date.Of course being the Office 7 gentleman I am I never took advantage of her. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. sounds fabulous....i love mexico too but all of the gang stuff we are hearing lately has put us a bit off....yet, I know when we are there....all of that doesn't seem to affect us......thanks for showing me that mexico is still loveable.....

  3. I love following your blog. I'm very interested in your wifi coverage, which sounds like it will be good.

  4. So they certainly know how to party down there don't they. A lot more energy than I've got. Looks like a beautiful area.

  5. All your days to come will be sunny and warm!!

    As to the music & party, that is a part of the culture. After 3AM I use ear plugs!

  6. To bad for the sleepless night, the only advantage of a hearing impairment is that noise would not effect my sleep, my wife yes but not me. Glad you are enjoying your company.

  7. Maybe you should pack some earplugs, just in case. I'm going to enjoy hearing about Mexico!

  8. We read your blog with GREAT interest. I hope our crossing in mid November will go as well. Continue to enjoy a great adventure.


  9. It is fun to be hearing about Mexico again. :)

  10. looks like everything is bueno down south...
    la vida es buena...

  11. Looks like a lovely place. It will be nice to read about Mexico and you adventures.

  12. A sleepless night once in a whiile won't kill you...since you're retired you can just take a nap!

  13. Sam and Donna...Wish you were here to experience it with us. One day you will make it this way. Chris and Juan shared a beer but with supper we all had wine.

    mermaid gallery...The media makes it out to sound worse than it is. If you are into drugs or gangs than I guess it could be a problem. The regular (local) people seem to live life normally so we aren't afraid. We really do think that Mexico is a safe place.

    Jim and Dee...Last year there were few places that we couldn't connect to the Telcel signal. We can often find an unsecured wifi site as well. The Telcel stick is a great investment in our mind and much cheaper than Canada's system!

    Jim and Sandie...I don't know how they did it. The worst part of the night was that they were doing karaoke and it was bad!!!!

    Contessa...We realize that it is part of the culture, that's why we didn't say anything. BTW, earplugs wouldn't have made a difference, it was way to loud even for them and we have them.

    George and Suzie...Seeing Whiskey is the only one of us that is hearing impaired, she had a good nights sleep. We will catch up on our sleep some other time.

    Sandra...We have earplugs, lots of them actually, but they wouldn't have helped...the music was just too loud.

    Paul and Helen...We really do love Mexico, even the loud and very late music. They are very happy people. We hope you have a good crossing too.

    Janie and John...We love telling people about Mexico.

    heyduke50...Life is good!!!! Loud music and all!

    FULL-TIMER...OCT.17,2009...We love it here and hope that others can enjoy the life here too!

    Karen and Al...You are right and we did have a nap the next day, even in the heat!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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