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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Downtown St. Louis

Today was our big trip to downtown St. Louis. We've never been to St. Louis before and we were looking forward to seeing a new city, and we were looking forward to meeting some new RV'ing and blogging friends.

So around 10:30am we met up with Jim and Dee down at the famous St. Louis arch. It's a small RV'ing world sometimes because Jim and Dee have also met Rick and Elaine who we stayed with in New Brunswick.

Jim, Dee, Sam, and Donna on the steps up to the arch.

Looking up at the arch. They finished building it in 1966. It's 63 stories tall, and it's covered in stainless steel. It was built to last 1,000 years! There is a funny little pod elevator system that takes you to some little viewing windows up at the top. Cost is $10 a person, but we got discount tickets using Sam's parks pass.

Downtown St. Louis, taken from the top of the arch.

After the arch, we all took the boat tour on the Mississippi River. The water level is really low right now and this statue of Lewis and Clark normally has the dog under water! There are times in the spring when this statue is entirely covered in water.

This was the first electric plant built west of the Mississippi. It started generating power in 1903!

They're building a new Interstate bridge over the Mississippi near downtown St. Louis. What a huge job!

A postcard picture of the arch and the city of St. Louis.

We had a great day visiting downtown and enjoyed meeting Jim and Dee. Wish we could have spent more time with them, but hopefully we'll meet up on the road again somewhere. The weather was absolutely perfect with blue sky all day and a high of about 88F (31C)!


  1. Thanks for the tour. That is one of the places we have not yet visited.

  2. Small rv world is right, its always nice to meet up with with rv and blogging friends.

  3. great tour!..and the rving blog world is a small one!!!!

  4. I loved reading all three perspectives of your day in St. Louis. Isn't that pod elevator just the strangest thing. Great picture of the Arch!

  5. Great pictures. I never tire of looking at that view. We've been there a few times, and each time there seems to be something new.

  6. humm lovely pictures...but all your pics are usually wonderful...I too loved reading all your three perspectives of the day in SL....but I could NOT go up in that arch...even if they offered to pay safe my friends...glad you got to meet Jim and Dee...I felt connected :)....even tho we met both of you couples at different times...

  7. I love that arch. I don't remember seeing cars on the beach before! Must be getting old and forgetful.

  8. It was great being with you guys. What a great coverage of the St. Louis Arch. We hope to see you again when you come back through the USA.

  9. Go over to Il. and climb to the top og Monks mound. Look west to the arch and wonder if it will last as long as the mound you are standing on. Monks mound was built one basket at a time over a period of several centuries....

    The Mounds are as fascinating to me the Arch. They are actually all over the area you are in but the real big preserved ones are over in Kahoka.

  10. Spelled it wrong..

  11. Great photos and I know you had fun... we have also met Jim & Dee and they are wonderful people!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  12. You sure have a knack for taking great pictures! Helen and I were there last year. Helen went up in the Arch while I stayed on the ground. We figured that if the Arch fell, one of us could still drive the dogs home.


  13. We loved St. Louis. I wish you two had more time to visit Dueling Pianos...The Big Bang Bar. We had so much fun there. Maybe next time.

  14. my last time thru this area we found a nice little place that said they had been making chili since the 1930's - good eats there...

  15. We got to spend some time downtown St. Lois this summer. We always enjoy that city.

  16. Chuck and Anneke...You have to put it on your list. We need to go back as there was so much that we missed.

    George and Suzie...The blogging world has brought the RVing community closer. You feel you already know people even before ever meeting them.

    Sue and Doug...Thanks and yes, the RV blog world is a small one!

    Jim and Sandie...We thought the pod elevator was pretty neat! I wondered how it would work, now I know.

    Kevin and Evelyn...We loved the view too. I believe that you could see something new each time you go. There is lots to see, we just didn't have the time.

    Elaine...We loved reading the 3 different views of the day too. I know what you mean about feeling connected after meeting someone who has already met someone else that you know, that was how we felt too.

    Contessa...That's not a beach that they are parked on, it's the levee and it has a very steep angle. So you aren't old or forgetful!

    Jim and Dee...Thanks, for making a great day even better. Who knows maybe one day you will even venture down to Mexico!

    GMF (Garry)...Sorry, but we didn't have time to see the mounds. We have never heard of them until now, we will have to put that on our list next time we head to St. Louis. Thanks for the info on them.

    Donna...We had a great time. Always nice to meet more bloggers.

    Paul...Thanks! I figure if the arch has lasted this long then I'm sure it can last until we at least have made the trip up. We thought that you can't go to St. Louis and not go up the Arch, sorta like going to Toronto and not going up the CN Tower.

    where's weaver...I wished we had more time there too. There is so much to see, as you say, there is always the next time.

    heyduke50...We love chili, sounds like a good spot.

    Janie and John...I can see why.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  17. Looks like you guys had a great tour... what fun!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  18. karen and Steve...We had a great time! We need to go back and see what we missed.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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