View from our hike near Beauregard-Baret, France.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Saint-Côme-et-Maruéjols, France.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Towards Andorra.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Wow, thanks for all of the interesting and well thought out comments regarding my restaurant situation the other night. I agree with those of you who think the waitress messed up and forgot to put the order in. If that was indeed the case, I wish she would have just come right out and said that to us! We probably would have been more accommodating and felt bad for the girl. Anyhow, I guess we'll never know.

Many of you will have read about the horrible casino fire in Monterrey, Mexico which killed 52 people a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, you don't hear much about the follow up to that. Our friend Chris is an RV'er who lives just outside of Monterrey and wrote the following this morning...

The attack on the casino has turned into a major scandal and one that continues to unweave itself as we speak.  They are kicking butt and killing or capturing so many bad guys it is historical.  There are more military, federal and state police roaming the streets of the Monterrey metro area.  I am hoping that all of this has reached its peak and we will be on the road to recovery.  Many towns in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas have been returned to their citizens and in very good  condition, painted, cleaned up with houses, businesses, parks, plazas and streets being repaired.  We are seeing some good news now for a change.

When we travel through Mexico with the RV we are often stopped by the military and the federal police. We like and understand the fact that they do this for our protection and after their inspection we always thank them for their security.

Our floor is almost done! I have to buy another piece of trim, and finish the edging, then it's finally done. For such a small area it sure was time consuming. But we're super happy with it! Pictures tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. often times smaller areas are harder than a big open floor many jigs and jogs..can't wait to see the finished pictures...

  3. I never see any expenses related to travel insurance. Do you travel with healthcare insurance? Do you still have OHIP coverage? If so, how do you handle it with you extended out of province traveling? My wife and I have only been able to escape for about four months a year, so it hasn't been an issue yet, but are led to believe that extended leaves( of more than six months) could be an issue.

  4. I agree about the waitress and even if she did put it in it was her job to check on it and get it out to you... at least tell you there is a problem. Can't wait to see the photos of your finished project!!! That is horrible about the casino... but good they are working on cleaning up the area.
    Have fun

  5. will be nice to see the finished product!

  6. Life is a series of experiences where ever you might be!

    Enjoy your last two sleeps in Canada.

  7. Some of our friends are concerned that we are planning a Mexico vacation. I am concerned, but I'm still planning to go. The pictures you post at the head of your blog are making it impossible for us NOT to go. Thanks for your information and pictures. I have found your blogs from your last trip to be most interesting and informative.


  8. Almost caught up on the replys to the comments. This reply in now quite old but there were a couple of questions to be answered.

    Hugh Mitchell...When we are in Mexico the travel insurance is included in the motorhome insurance that we purchase for Sherman. Our OHIP will let us travel for 180 days before we are suppose to lose coverage, but the federal and provincal goverments don't "talk" so really the province is not aware that you are out of province unless you tell them. We have NEVER had to use the health system that way as we have always been back in the country before that time. While travelling through the USA we do not usually have travel insurance and basically take our chances. Once in Mexico the travel insurance kicks in with the insurance we buy for Sherman. That insurance is only good for accidents so if we need to see a doctor in Mexico for something small we can pay out of pocket as their fees are very low. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us by email (in the lefthand column) and we will try to answer them for you.

    Paul and Helen...We sure do hope you head down to Mexico. Most of the people that are concerned for us have never been to Mexico and go only by what they hear from the media. We have been there and can only say good things about Mexico. It is like anywhere in Canada and the States, you have to use commonsense. You wouldn't travel in certain places in our own countries, so the same goes for Mexico. You also here them give a number of dead for the whole of Mexico in one report but you don't hear them do that for the whole of the USA each day. Hope to see you this winter in Mexcio!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey