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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monticello Park Campground, near Mount Pleasant, Texas

We left Hot Springs National Park at a decent hour, but as soon as we left we came across a laundromat. We were going to have to stop and do laundry at some point today, so rather than risk trying to find another one, we simply stopped right away.

So it was almost 11:30am by the time we finally got on the road. But almost all of our drive yesterday was on the  I-30 highway, so we made good time. It sure is boring driving most Interstate highways, but you can definitely do a lot of miles in a fairly short time.

Crossed into Texas at about 2:00pm and had some lunch at the visitors center.

This is what you see on the Interstate. 

We pulled into the city of Mount Pleasant and did some grocery shopping. Also picked up a few supplies for Mexico. We've been trying to buy a little at every stop, and of course adding things to the list that we happen to think of along the way! By this time it was getting late and I was just about done with driving for the day. We found a county park on Lake Monticello that even has electric and water hookups and a dump station. We didn't need any of these things and that made our campsite $4 for the night. It is an additional $7 for hookups, which still makes this a great price if you happen to need hookups.

We have found in our travels that county parks are some of the best value for finding cheap camping. The problem is that they are difficult to find online. But I came across a secret website that I use a lot to find cheap camping opportunities like this. Don't tell anyone else, because this website is secret!

Sherman, parked up for $4 a night.

It turned into a beautiful day yesterday, and today is starting out with more of the same. Happy to be driving on Texas highways, we think they are some of the best highways in North America, even the backroads are in great condition. And I love the 70 mph backroads! Even though Sherman only does 55 mph, I like the fact that you can go fast if you want to! Everything's bigger in Texas.

Yesterday's drive 190 miles (304 kms).


  1. yes i do miss our roads back in Texas... and don't worry we won't tell anyone about the secret web site!

  2. Won't say a word ~ your secret is safe with me.... GREAT place to park!
    Have fun

  3. My lips are sealed. We much prefer back roads but when we need to get some place the boring interstates are the way to go.

  4. Love the Texas back roads. There's usually little traffic and you can stop to take photos right in the middle of the road. Also like the fact that people pull over onto the paved shoulders to let you pass.

  5. Happy to see that all is going well for you guys!

    I have passed on the “secret” site to Ellie but reminded her that “Loose Lips Might Sink Ships”.

    We are with you, interstates are often a necessity but back roads are so much more enjoyable.


  6. Wow thats a big secret good thing nobody reads your blog (haha). Thanks for the tip. And yes the Texas back roads are great, watch out for the fire ants, my feet got badly bitten in a mater of seconds, last spring while walking around our coach beside the highway, on our way to Delta Downs Racetrack.

  7. Great website! I won't tell. Doesn't do me much good from over here anyway, but I can sure surf!

  8. Mucho gracias for the secret tip.

  9. We also have found the county parks are often better and a bargain as we travel. In the North we have also found many city run campgrounds. Thanks for the site. Lips are sealed ,lol.

  10. I loved driving through Texas as well, roads are very nice for sure! I just didn't like the heat (we were there in July at 104F).
    I like going 55-60 in Tara too, everyone can just pass me by!
    Cheers and drive safe!!!

  11. shhhh my lips are sealed too... good thing, eh?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  12. We are Texans now and travel a ton in that state. We almost always us the back roads. They are so big with big brims. I also use that secret website. It is great!

  13. Thank you everyone, we know we can count on you to keep our little secret (lol). These county parks are great. Some are a little more rustic than others, but for the price we are paying (or not paying in some cases) we aren't expecting RV Resorts and that's what we love about them.

    Sandra...We love the way everyone pulls over to let people pass. It's usually us pulling over mind you.

    George and Suzie...Definitely watching out for the fire ants. Nasty little guys!

    FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009...Some day we will spend a few months exploring Texas. There is so much to see, love this state!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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