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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Salem, Missouri

Well the highlight of yesterday was the weather. A storm system moved in yesterday morning that dumped a pile of rain on us all day, with a high temperature of only 61F (16C).

So we didn't drive very far, in fact we pulled over at the Walmart in Salem, and ended up just staying put. And it wasn't just a typical rainy day, I mean it poured buckets pretty much non stop.

When we left the campground yesterday morning, we had our route planned out but both GPS units suggested a backroad through the National Forest. There are a few paved backroads that would be okay for a vehicle like Sherman, so we figured this might be one of them. But it soon turned into a mystery tour as the road started out good but deteriorated by the mile. Eventually we came to a narrow bridge that Sherman decided to tackle for us, and we made it across. There were a couple of rangers on the other side and they said we needed to turn around and take the main highway! So we did.

Not a good road for a motorhome

It wasn't fun driving in the rain and we stopped a couple of times to see if it would let up. Eventually we made it to the Walmart in Salem and we needed to pick up a few items anyhow. By the time we finished up there we decided to just stay put. Ruth cooked a chicken in the oven to help keep us warm! This morning, the temperature inside Sherman was only 50F (10C) when we woke up! Guess we'll have to go further south!

Dinner was great (and it was all done without a microwave)

But today is starting off with a clear sky. We're headed to Ozark Riverways National Park for a day or two!

Yesterday's drive 56 miles (90 kms)


  1. Looks like your slowly making your way south, supposed to be a little warmer today. Dinner looks good too. Rigg's slept the day away yesterday without any company to give him attention. Give Whiskey a pet from us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Gotta watch some of those back roads with a motorhome as we found out a long time ago. Dinner looks lovely, a microwave is only a convenience, I learned to cook long before they appeared in kitchens, we use our stove, oven, but mostly our BBQ when we can.

  3. Been going without microwave or cable TV since we left the Netherlands in October of 09. Don't really miss either. Wouldn't have been able to watch much in the way of Olympics from here anyway, and when it came to the World Cup, I just went downstairs to the bar. Still cheaper than cable. Warming up leftovers was a challenge at first without the microwave, but I figured that out in short order. Trick is to keep the leftovers to a bare minimum.

  4. nice looking dinner!..are you sure you are in a motorhome at Walmart?

  5. I made hamburger soup for us last night because it was really chilly here also. But today is supposed to warm back up into the 70's which is just about perfect. Been down a few of those back roads. Sure can get interesting at times.

  6. My husband's last stop in his families nomadic adventure was Salem. Lived there through out his HS years. Too bad you couldn't stick around there. The Current River is a beautiful place for a canoe trip. However the weather sounds dreadful so that probably wouldn't have worked anyway. The Ozak mountains are beautiful. Hope you get to your destination today.

  7. The beauty of carrying your home with you....luxury on wheels. Only problem is having to get out to let Whiskey do his business. Some years when we head south if rains non stop I never get out of the motorhome till we are in warm California. While Colin stretches his legs and the dogs do their thing I stay inside and prepare the next snack, meal or coffee to go!

  8. You are chugging along nicely ~ to bad the weather was not so good... Dinner looked yummy!!! You are brave ~ at the first sign of back raod we would have turned around!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  9. That dinner looks great! I hope we meet up in Potrero Chico.


  10. We don't travel in the rain. I, for one, get too nervous. Too many things can happen, and usually it is the other person who is flying down the road.
    Your meal looks YUMMMMMY!

  11. Ok, I have all my replies to past comments up now, so if you had a question that wasn't answered you can now have a look at the reply. Took me awhile to catch up, sorry about that folks. Now maybe I can start catching up on all the blogs. I am so far behind!

    Sam and Donna...Slowly, is the word. We are almost going backwards now. Whiskey, asked me to ask you to say hi for her to Riggs and Sadie, she said she is missing them and she said to say thank you for the pet she got.

    George and Suzie...We are always up for a mystery tour. We were going to cook the chicken in the BBQ, but the weather made us change our minds.

    Bob...We aren't missing them either. Depending on the leftover, we generally like them for lunch the next day.

    Sue and Doug...That is funny isn't it. Kevin and I have often commented on some of the meals we have when in a Walmart parking lot. Once the blinds are down, you could be anywhere.

    Jim and Sandie...Yep, soup always warms you up. We are going to have chicken soup for lunch, it's a little chilly again today.

    Janie and John...We sure wish we had more time to spend here. We are loving the area and if the weather and time was right we would enjoy floating down the Current River, I guess that will have to wait for another time.

    Contessa...We love travelling with our house. As for going outside with our pets in bad weather, it is just one of the things that we have to do because we love them.

    Kimberly and Jerry...You got that right!

    Donna...We wish the weather was a little better too, although yesterday was very nice. Somethings those backroads lead to beautiful places.

    Chris...It was. See you soon.

    where's weaver...We don't like travelling in it either, but unfortunately we are on a bit of a deadline so we don't have a lot of choice. We would rather travel a short distance in the rain than have a really long driving day.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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