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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Simmons Winery, Columbus, Indiana

Just another driving day. Did 299 miles (478 kms) today. Considering that we normally like doing about 120 miles (200 kms) a day, this is a lot of driving for us. But Sherman is doing fine just truckin' along!

We decided to take a different route though and once again avoided quite a bit of the Intestate highways. We headed a little south and avoided Columbus Ohio and Indianapolis however we did take the main highway around Cincinatti. See map below. Traffic was busy, and everybody does 70 mph. We've said many times that gas is obviously not expensive!

But we dide have some nice views along the backroads. Indiana is the start of corn country, and the corn goes on for miles.


More corn!

Busy highway around Cincinatti

Ruth's normal touring position

Kevin's normal touring position

Whiskey's normal touring position

Sherman, parked up at Simmons Winery.

We bought a $10 bottle of wine. We like to buy a bottle at any winery that is letting us park overnight. Half the cost gets budgeted towards alcohol expense and half towards overnight costs!

Yesterday's drive 299 miles (478 kms)

We'll be at Sam and Donna's this afternoon so then we'll be able to take a break from driving for a couple of days. Looking forward to visiting with them!


  1. Lots of miles covered. We try not to do that many but sometimes that's what you need to do to get to the destination. Have a great time with Sam and Donna.

  2. Your post time was in Eastern time, we got it at 09:02AM when you hit Illinois you can switch to Central time. It's getting an hour for free. See ya later today. Sam & Donna...

  3. Love the photos ~ that's my position too but I leave the computer on the dash!!! LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. A huge amount of miles, exactly what we vow not to do this winter. MInd you the destination is often worth the drive.

  5. Sure putting the miles on but having fun, gotta get south before it gets too cold.Enjoy your visit with Sam and Donna.

  6. That loop around Cincinnati is very familiar to us. We usually did it on a Sunday, lots less traffic.

  7. glad everyone has their favourite positions!

  8. The loop around Cicinny is all we use. We are with Sandra...we TRY to travel around that area on Sunday. Enjoy the ride and the corn.

  9. we will be staying at our first harvest host place tonight in Mass.

  10. Jim and Sandie...We really hate doing that many miles in one day, but hopefully that is just about it for a very long time.

    Sam and Donna...Nope, we won't forget that time change. Thanks Sam.

    Donna...Our dash isn't very flat so it's not such a great place for it.

    Contessa...That is very true and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Hopefully there will not be many more like this in our future.

    George and Suzie...You have that right. We will have a great time at Sam and Donna's, thanks!

    Sandra...Yeah, we don't like big cities or their traffic. We couldn't wait until a Sunday, but we certainly weren't going to hit it at rush hour. Not sure how people can drive in this traffic day in and day out?

    Sue and Doug...I think Whiskey has the least amount of stress when driving, what do you think?

    where's weaver...I can see why, way too much traffic, even at the hour we went through.

    heyduke50...Hope you enjoy the experience. We sure like the program and haven't had a problem with it yet, everyone has been great to us.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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