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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drive Clean

That's the name of the Ontario vehicle emissions testing program. It's just a big money grab because the vast majority of vehicles tested pass with flying colors. For cars, the test costs $35. But for motorhomes, there is confusion.

I had found one Canadian Tire store that would do the test for $39.95. However they couldn't do it the day I wanted it done, so I went looking elsewhere.

The problem is that they have different pricing levels for "heavy duty" vehicles, and motorhomes fall into a grey area. Both the Drive Clean head office and the garages that do the test gave me quite a few different stories, and I spent about two hours on the phone the other morning trying to get some straight answers.

Cars and "light duty" vehicles have a price cap of $35 plus tax. This is the price you pay no matter where you get the test done. But "heavy duty" vehicles get tested at whatever price you're willing to pay and I've had quotes for Sherman ranging from $39.95 to $105.00. The confusion is that a gas powered motorhome can be done at a light duty testing place, providing the front end of the vehicle will fit inside the shop, but many of the light duty testing places don't realize that they are licensed to do the test that way. I found another Canadian Tire who swore up and down that they were not allowed to do the test on Sherman until I had the Drive Clean head office phone them directly. Now, we have an appointment for next Tuesday morning (for $35 plus tax!) and we'll have it done on our way out of Canada. Which in itself is a joke. We are paying for an Ontario test and the vehicle won't even be in Ontario!

Anyhow, most Ontario gas powered motorhomes can be done for $35 plus tax, if the garage can fit the vehicle's front end in the shop.

We picked up Lindsey and Cameron at the airport and are enjoying seeing them again!

Lindsey and Cameron (age 5 months)

Cameron and his great-grandpa Tony


  1. Good to know about the drive clean we will keep in mind for our coach next year. Cameron is 5 months already, wow time flies.

  2. Cameron is nice that you can have a visit with him and Lindsey before you leave for the winter...good luck with the testing next week...

  3. enjoy the visit with Lindsey and Cameron!!

  4. Here in MO. the testing is on the way out, I think they have reached the point where the vehicles and manufactures are clean enough so they will eventually stop the testing.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. What an adorable baby... Sooooo cute!
    Have fun

  6. So glad we don't have to get that here in Alberta!

    Little Cameron is so cute. :)

  7. Cameron is such a cutie. Glad you are getting those last things scheduled, open road ahead!

  8. Cute little guy!

    Why haven't they standardized these tests? That is so annoying!

  9. Kevin, I have to give you a big "kudos" for your persistence in finding the right shop. It really seems to have paid off!
    Ruth, I got through the entire Baja blog yesterday and remembered reading parts of it before but when or how I found it in the past, I have no idea. Yes! The keys in the poo was awful but I'm sure it's laughable now!
    Cameron sure is adorable and what a wonderful photo of him and Lindsey!

  10. Ruth the smile on your Dad's face as he holds Cameron is priceless.

  11. Love the header. Is Whiskey mugging for the camera or just so happy to have all those kids around her? What a grin....speaking of grins
    Cameron sure is a happy one.

  12. George and Suzie...You really have to phone around around and double check on it. Very confusing!

    Rick and happy to see them once again before heading out. With luck we will see them again in Mexico in the new year.

    Sue and Doug...We will, thanks!

    Sam and Donna...We think they should do away with it here too. Even if you don't pass the test all you do is pay up to $400 to fix the problem and then you are good to go, even if the problem isn't totally fixed, it's a crazy system!

    Donna...He is cute isn't he, thanks!

    WBY...Wish we had an Alberta address!

    Janie and John...Thanks! Not long now before we're on the road, the push is on.

    Sandra...Thank you as well. We wish they would just do away with the tests...annoying is right!

    Grace...Kevin is very stubborn about these things and he has no patience for it! I think the story about the keys is one of our funniest ones yet! Cameron sure is a sweetie, thanks.

    Contessa...It is isn't it! It's been a long time since there has been a baby in the house.

    Sam and Donna...Yep, Whiskey was loving the attention and the kids really loved her. Cameron is such a happy little guy, nothing like what his Mom was like...actually when she was about that age she was a much happy baby then her earlier months!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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