Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Holwerd, Netherlands.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Just wandering the Netherlands.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bay St. Lawrence, Cape Breton Island

There are several hiking trails leading out of the Meat Cove area, and we wanted to do one of them before we left. The girl running the campground suggested the Mountain Trail, and she said we were welcome to leave Sherman where he was while we did the hike. We left Whiskey behind to guard Sherman!

The Mountain Trail is a strenuous hike. Did you already figure that out by the name of the trail? The word "mountain" is a good clue!

Ruth on the forested "Mountain Trail"

This gives you an idea of how steep it was!

The Mountain Trail is very steep, and we're in pretty good shape but we still had to stop and rest every few minutes. It is uphill every step of the way to get to the top. We figured it was about 6 kms round trip, but it doesn't count towards our hiking goal because it's not located in the National Park.

At the top, hiking towards the overlook.

Looking down on the community of Meat Cove

Zoomed in. Can you see Sherman?

Looking back at the mountain we had hiked up, we saw an odd phenomenon. We expect the pretty colors in the sky are caused by some kind of reflection off the ocean, but really have no idea. 

We got back to Sherman, and while we were having lunch, Ruth spotted a whale very close to us in the bay. We've seen quite a few off in the distance, but it's rare to see one this close to shore. We tried to get pictures, but by the time you found it with the camera lens it had already went back under the water.

We drove over to the fishing harbour at Bay St. Lawrence. Not anything special here, but we still found somewhere decent to park for the night. No internet here, and no cell service either so no mi-fi.

Parked up overlooking the harbour at Bay St. Lawrence (GPS 47.00086 -60.46435)

We had a peaceful nights sleep, and this morning we drove a few kms back to Cabot Landing picnic park where we are able to access cellular internet. As we were sitting here, we saw a fox in the distance!

We are off to do another hike, back in the National Park. So far, it's a beautiful day but they're calling for showers this afternoon and we've got a 7.4 km (4.6 mile) hike to do this morning!


  1. That was an amazing climb you did. I have trouble calling that one a hike. Whales and foxes - that would be really cool.

  2. Looks like you guys had a good day and a great hike. That Mountain Trail looks terrible steep. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. looks more suitable for 'goats'..good for you both for hiking up the mountain..the view was so worth it!!!

  4. Nicer weather and a whale sighting up close is fantastic, enjoy.

  5. Maybe be a little mindful of ticks if hiking through the tall grass? Supposedly there are none reported in that area, but just the same. Only a suggestion. I realise you weren't born yesterday. Just saying.

  6. Too bad Sherman couldn't spend the night parked at Meat Cove; looks like a great spot. Glad you guys are finally getting some good weather days.

  7. Another perfect day! How do 'they' keep track of the number of KMS you have hiked?

  8. you must be in pretty goood shape to be climbing this kind of trail,stay safe.great view.

  9. So pretty, what a beautiful part of the country!!!

  10. Thanks again everyone.

    Bob...We are careful for the ticks. Whiskey is on Frontline and we are keeping a Iook out for ourselves. Thanks for the concern.

    Dave...We did stay at Meat Cove overnight. It was lovely and quiet there with a beautiful view.

    Contessa...It works on the honour system. You write down the trail and the number of km's and when you leave the park you get it signed. We have ours all documented on the blog so I don't think we will have any problems.

    jonyboytj...We like to think we are but going up that hill sure did us in. We had to stop quite a few times to catch our breath and rest our legs.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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