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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ingonish (day 3)

We relaxed most of the day yesterday. We have one more hike we want to complete, but it has a few viewpoints and it was foggy and drizzly all day yesterday so we are going to do it this morning.

But we still did a short one yesterday just to get out and do something. The Freshwater Lake Trail is only 1.7 kms  (1.1 miles) and is a wheelchair accessible loop that partly follows the shore of a lake for a bit. Nothing special, but good enough for a short walk. A separate path takes you up to a viewpoint overlooking the lake.

There is a nice beach on Freshwater lake

But you're not allowed to have any fun there! No beach balls...? We have far too many rules in this country.

Ruth and Whiskey on the path.

A nice view of the lake

So yesterday we drove over to the campground to use the dump station. There was only one tent set up in the whole campground, but of course camping in the park is a rip off, so we're not surprised. Drove all around the campground, and no dump station. There is another park campground nearby that is larger, but it doesn't open until June 23. That is where the dump station is located. So we drive over to the visitors centre and I go in and ask why it's closed. "Budget cuts" is the stupid answer I get. I ask why they don't have just a few sites open on a self serve basis, and the guy says they would have vandalism if they did that. I say, well the smaller campground is open on a self serve basis. He sits there silently. He then asks if I wish to fill out a comment form. I ask if it will do any good. He says that he types out my comments and they get sent to head office in Ottawa. And there lies the problem! All decisions are made by some bureaucrat in Ottawa! I decline on the comment card, but feel better for having voiced my opinion.

Strangely enough, despite the "budget cuts" we think there are more employees working here than there are visitors to the park! We watched three National Parks Service work trucks yesterday afternoon parked up with the employees just talking to one another through their windows. They sat there at least an hour, and no, it wasn't at lunch time.

Anyhow, we did find a water tap, so have filled up the fresh water. Our tanks are not yet full, we could probably go another 3 or 4 days. After our hike this morning, we are doing a three hour drive to Louisbourg and staying at a town run campground there for $13 a night, so we will be able to empty the tanks there.

Off to do our last hike, and then go collect our prize for doing the 75 kms of hiking! It's probably a coffee mug... 


  1. Have fun on your hike... Beautiful Lake! Too bad these people running the park systems have no idea about camping and needs.
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Congratulations on completing your 75 kms of hiking, hopefully at least two coffee mugs! Budget cuts? Be open less hours, have less income and lots of staff standing around because there is now campers, something wrong with this picture.

  3. The lake looks peaceful with the mist hanging over it. I do not think I have ever seen a sign forbidding beach balls on the beach :)

  4. now what would possess them to ban beach balls??? in the odd chance they were used as an emergency floatation device? some kid clinging to one as it's floating away?

    argghh on the budget cuts thing... a lot of our national forest campgrounds are now under the role of a concessionaire to run them, but the forest service guys still do the maintenance and upkeep of facilities... (and they stand around yacking)

    While the businessman now running the place is going from site to site, talking to the campers, having a drawing for a night of free camping when you fill out his question survey etc.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. i do love the way fog adds to a forested lake scene.. great shot!

  6. Your gift will be a comment card:(

  7. Oh Contessa! You beat me to it! Drat!

  8. No beach balls? Never seen that before but it gave me a great idea for tomorrow's post. Thanks!

  9. Good grief. No beach balls? How insane. But congrats on getting all your walking done. Looking forward to finding out what your prize is.


  11. Maybe your gift will be a free dump at that campground? hmm....

  12. This place is just lovely! Another gorgeous picture at the top of the blog. Great job!

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments and your congratulations. We did enjoy our time in Cape Breton Highlands National Park and had fun on our hikes. We really wish that the head of Parks Canada could listen and put into action, many of the comments people have about the park but it seems to fall on deaf ears. One thing that we think could improve the conditions in the park is taking on volunteers, like the National Parks do in the States. If Parks Canada is so short staffed it would be a good way to fill the hole.

    As for no beach balls, why are they called beach balls if you can't use them on the beach!!!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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