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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ingonish, Cape Breton Island

We did four separate trails yesterday, for a total of 11.5 kms (7.1 miles). We have now done 57.7 kms (35.8 miles) of our 75 km (46.5 mile) hiking goal!

Even Whiskey did 6.9 kms  (4.3 miles) of hiking with us. Even with her heart condition, she really seemed to enjoy it. You'd never know she's 15 years old!

But she sure did get muddy! Pretty much needed a bath!

Once again, I have detailed our four hikes yesterday into their own posts. If you're interested, you can view them here...

We are bothered by the hypocrisy exhibited by the National Park. On one hand, their mandate is supposed to be preservation, but this whole idea of them doing maintenance and inspection (or whatever they're doing) using ATV's on the trails definitely goes against what we believe in. For example, on the Jack Pine Trail, they have specific signs up telling you to stay on the trail and not disturb the lichen and moss on the bare rock. 

And then only a few feet further on, they have built ramps into the rock so that their ATV's can use the trail. And this didn't disturb the lichen and moss??!!

It's not bad doing four separate trails because you get a chance to rest a bit in between. But we have to do quite a few kms every day because we have to finish our 75 kms by Thursday afternoon. We are meeting Lindsey, Justin, and Cameron in Louisbourg on Friday where we will explore the Fortress of Louisbourg with them for the weekend. Looking forward to spending the weekend with them!

Spotted this little fellow sunning himself along the trail

At the top of Broad Cove Mountain. Last trail of the day, so it's all downhill from here!

We tried parking at the Ingonish Harbour last night, but they now have a sign up saying no overnight parking. Ingonish is a bit of a tourist area, and I expect they had too many people trying to boondock at this spot during July and August. Oh well. We ended up at a small grocery store in town and asked to park in their lot overnight. They said it was no problem so long as we weren't going to have any wild parties! They were just kidding, and said it was fine to park overnight.

Today is overcast and they're calling for rain this afternoon. We have to do a 7 km bike ride to get to the trailhead for an 8 km hike, so we better get going!


  1. You're making me tired just reading about all the biking and hiking. I'm glad little Whiskey enjoyed her hike.

  2. I really like all the hiking pix. Every time I take Jesse for a walk, I try to avoid looking at all the houses and cars and instead, imagine that we are on a trail similar to the ones you are enjoying.

  3. nice to hear that Whiskey is able to get out and about on the trail!..now as for 'cute little snake'?..ewww!!!

  4. I think your hiking goal is a great idea.

  5. Hey, nobody ever said you had to be all that clever to be a Parks Canada employee. Isn't hypocrisy one of our natural resources? It has to be. I know we're still selling asbestos to countries that are willing to take it, so I don't think I'm too far off the mark.
    Try not to let it spoil your fun.
    I'd now like to refer to that age old saying...."You can't fix stupid".
    Just keep saying that over and over. It'll help. Trust me.
    Oh, and I just went back and reread the sign! There's no mention of ATV tracks, they're only talking about "footprints"! So if you have an ATV, you're good to go! That makes perfect sense now! *snort* (insert sarcasm font)

  6. Karen and Al...Have to admit our legs are getting tired too. Almost done though.

    Dave...I don't think it will be long now and you will be able to take Jesse on a real hike and he will love it.

    Sue and Doug...We are happy too! We miss her on the long hikes, she used to love our hikes but the long ones are just too much for her now.

    Janie and John...I wonder what prize the park will have for us when we finish our 75km?

    Bob...We keep shaking our head at some of the things they do. Seems to us a lot of money is spent on the wrong kind of stuff and the fact that they can try to rationalize anything.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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