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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A productive day

Well yesterday turned out to be a productive day. Although we had some showers in the afternoon, we still managed to get a lot done.

In the morning, we searched through the flyers to see what was on sale, and where. Then, we planned our route and took the little car into town to pick up a few items that we needed that were on sale. On the way, I spotted a little independent garage and we stopped in so that I could ask if they were interested in installing the new Bilstein shocks I had bought for Sherman's front end.

Turns out the guy was brand new in business and had only opened his doors a month ago and was only too willing to take on some new jobs. In fact, he asked if we could drop by with Sherman at 1:30 yesterday afternoon, and sure enough as soon as we showed up he went right to work.

Now, I knew that it wasn't that big of a job because there's only two bolts holding each shock on. But I had looked under there and was pretty sure that those bolts had been on there for 15 years and I've only got small hand tools so it wasn't something I would be able to do myself. But for a guy with the right tools, it wouldn't be a big deal.

So I'm keeping track of how much time the guy has spent working on Sherman, and after about 40 minutes, he's done! I ask how much, and he says "oh, just give me $25"!!! I was prepared for $60 or $70 dollars plus 15% taxes. I didn't need or want a bill, so I gave the guy $30 cash and was on my way! The underground economy is alive and well here in overtaxed Nova Scotia!

And, I could tell an immediate difference in the feel of Sherman and how he handles. Of course ANY new shocks would have made a difference because sure enough, the old ones were so worn that they may as well have not been there. But the Bilsteins are supposed to be top quality so that makes even more difference. Now, I want to get the rear shocks changed as well!

Got parked up back at our house sitting and then it showered for an hour or so. After the rain stopped, I borrowed the shop vac here and reorganized all of the outside lower storage compartments and vaccumed them out.

Then, it was time to soak in the hot tub with a refreshing beverage.

On an different note, we think we are going to accelerate our travel plans. Originally, we were to spend all summer here, but we've just about had our fill of Nova Scotia and so we're thinking that we'll take the month of July and head back towards Ontario and spend some time in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Then the month of August in the Ottawa area before heading through the U.S. to the Mexican border for the month of September.


  1. Sounds like a very good deal... and Bilsien according to my honey is the BEST!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

    ps... don't forget to visit my new blog on Campground reviews and become a follower. It is still under construction but I plan on adding all the RV parks we have visited in the last 7 years of fulltiming...good thing I kept notes!

  2. Please keep in touch as i want to hook up with youguys in July I shall be around Niagara Falls the middle of the month then heading to Smith Falls...but as we read each other's blog we know where it will be easy to meet travel safe cheers Les

  3. Wonderful how the shock installation went and that you can feel them. All I can say is "follow the sun"!

  4. love the 'underground system'!..what a screaming deal!!

  5. Sounds like you guys are suffering from the same "wanderlust" as I am! You may beat DJ and I to Mexico but you never know. Goals are just goals and plans are just plans. Good score on the shocks!

  6. The underground system works wonderful, 10 years with my restaurant reaped huge rewards for all concerned. And Like you said any new shocks make a big difference, 2 years ago we put on Koni FSD and its like a brand new coach. Enjoy the touring..

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  8. Sounds like a guy to keep on speed dial. If I typed slower I would not to redo the occasional comment:)

  9. Donna...So far Kevin is loving the Bilstein as well. Noticed your new RV Park reviews blog. We don't use RV Parks much but will definitely take a look at it to see what's in area when we are on the road.

    Les...Not so sure we will meet up now as we are leaving Nova Scotia around July 6th and driving through the States and probably won't be in Ottawa until the end of July. Will definitely keep an eye on your blog and if it looks like we will cross paths we'll contact you. Enjoy your travels.

    Contessa...Sure wish we had them the other day on that bad road. Yes, I think that we will be following the sun soon enough.

    Sue and Doug...Thanks.

    Dave...Hope we can meet up somewhere in Mexico this winter.

    George and Suzie...We think it is a great way to do business. Kevin enjoyed many rewards too when he had his body shop business.

    Chuck and Anneke...Yep, definitely a guy we would recommend.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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