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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Centre Rawdon, Nova Scotia

Yesterday was an uneventful day. We took our time leaving our free fairgrounds boondocking spot, and then took the main highway towards Halifax, but turned off to take a shorter route towards Kentville.

All we were looking for was a decent overnight spot and if we didn't come across one we were going to drive all the way to our daughters place in Kentville, which wasn't that far anyhow. However we spotted a pretty little church in the community of Centre Rawdon and it had a decent sized fairly level parking lot, so that's where we stopped.

This church was built in 1845 and is a Nova Scotia heritage property. 
(GPS 45.05225 -63.84444)

Spent the remainder of the afternoon with reading and internet. Once again, sure do love our mi-fi internet access!

Finally managed to update the photos from yesterdays post so you can go back and see them if you didn't the first time.

Slept fine last night, even though the road beside us is actually fairly busy. Must be near a logging operation because quite a few logging trucks going by. Sunny this morning so far, so thinking this will be a good day. We're off early to pick up our little car where we left it at a couchsurfing hosts place that we had stayed at near Gaspereau Mountain, then going to visit Lindsey and Cameron before heading this afternoon to our house sitting assignment for Mexico RV'ing friends Paula and Jerry where we will be until next Tuesday. They have a nice swimming pool, so hopefully it will be warm enough to use it!

Yesterday's drive 80 kms (50 miles)


  1. I like the pretty little church. Looks like a nice place to spend the night and from the looks of the photo, the neighbors were quiet.


  2. Looks like a great day you guys sure are lucky to be able to be on the go. We are enjoying our vacation in Upper Wisconsin despite the rain. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Love the church... how nice you can pull right up and boondock!!!
    Have fun

  4. House sitting and a pool will be a nice change of pace for you guys, hope the weather allows you to use it!

  5. Love old cemeteries. Do you just park on the church lot or do you get permission???

  6. Beautiful spot and quiet neighbors - what more could you want. Sure hope you get to enjoy the pool.

  7. Old churches are always great places to visit.

  8. John and Ellen...Again, it was a pretty church with nice surroundings. The neighbours were very quiet, but traffic on the road started very early.

    Sam and Donna...Much better day than the day before. Hope your weather improves.

    Donna...We find these country churches are great for that. There are a number of them around but lots of them don't have any parking.

    George and Suzie...I think the hot tub will be used rather than the swimming pool. We are looking forward to staying put for a few days and just relaxing.

    Contessa...We try to find places with no houses around and often there is no one to ask. If there is someone around than yes we will ask for permission. Have never had anyone say no.

    Jim and Sandie...Don't think the pool will get used much, the water will be too chilly for us...now the hot tub, that will be another story.

    Chuck and Anneke...The churches in the country here are normally quite old so yes they are interesting. This one was built in 1845, one of the tombstones show a year of death from 1799. Lots of history there.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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