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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Poll results

We've had some poll questions over there on the right hand side for a while now and I thought I'd post the results.

For the question "Where would you like to go that you have never been before?" there were 38 responses, with Australia being the most popular response...

Australia 5
Alaska 4
Ireland 3
Egypt 2
Italy 2
South America 2
Canadian Arctic
Nova Scotia, Canada
Glacier National Park
Grand Canyon
Maine, USA
Baja, Mexico
Yucatan, Mexico
Normandy, France
Petra, Jordan
Costa Rica
New Zealand
Galapogos Island

For the question "Would you like to RV in Mexico" there were 45 responses. I was very surprised that 25 of those responses were "Yes" and a further 11 of you said that you would if you could go with someone who has been before. I honestly didn't expect the numbers to be that high.

When we first took Sherman to Mexico we were also brand new RV'ers. We started out in the motorhome in October of 2007 and by December we were in the Baja and we ended up crossing from Mazatlan through Durango and back to Texas. But we did the majority of the trip with another couple who had a lot of international RV'ing experience. And the following year we did mainland Mexico, again stating off with the same couple. By this point our Spanish was becoming a little better and we were comfortable enough to go off on our own. This past year we did Mexico by ourselves.

So, when we cross into Mexico in September, whoever wants to is welcome to follow along with us!

34 people answered our question "What is your favourite website?" I've listed all of the responses below so that you can check them out because each one is obviously worthwhile if it is somebody's favourite!


Many thanks to those of you who listed our blog as your favourite website!


  1. I have been to Australia....LOVE it! Wonderful people...extremely laid back! Better love potatoes...we had them at every meal. They also don't know what real salad consists of or pizza.

  2. We are like a lot of others, would love to travel in Mexico, but not knowing which area to stay clear of, it will have to wait. Love the new header.

  3. Sherman looks really happy in his new parking spot. Maybe you could do a blog post about how you deal with all the killings in Mexico and the fear so many of us have about it. I'd really be interested in that. Now I need to check out some of those websites.

  4. i find it interesting that so many are concerned with the killings in Mexico- they lump all killings that occur in the entire country into a single news story; Can you imagine what they would fear if all the killings in the USA were lumped into one story... i.e. 45 killed in America yesterday, news at 11

  5. rving in Mexico sounds like a beautiful idea..but I would have to agree..not something we would do alone..would go with someone who has been before and is in the know!!

  6. There is a Canadian saying....those of us who RV to Mexico, find that the most dangerous part of the trip is travelling through the USA!

    The media has created a big deal out of the drug gang wars in Mexico which has created a fear in the minds of many RVers. What you have to remember is that they are after each other, not you. However sometimes an RVer just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...just like anywhere else in the world, bad things happen. Personally we find Mexico and its people to be wonderful, friendly and so very very real. We have been travelling there for over 10 years. If you have any questions or concerns or thoughts, please click on my name and that will take you to my blog site where you can find my email address. Last winter I did a detailed entry into Mexico. If you check my blog starting last Sept and on, you will find many tips re preparation including insurance, security ideas, etc. From Oct. 23, 2010 and on is the detailed travel guide.


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