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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Truro, Nova Scotia

Well, we didn't expect to be in Truro again, but that just goes to show that plans can change! We didn't have a great travel day yesterday, and that's why we're here instead of down along the southeast coast.

Let us show you on a map what went wrong...

The condition of the road after we left Queensport went from bad to worse. In all seriousness, we were at times down to 10 mph trying to get over the bumps patches and cracks in the road. There were many stretches where we couldn't do over 30 mph for miles at a time. It took us over two hours to do 73 kms (45 miles). Good thing the road wasn't busy!

This is supposed to be the scenic alternate route from Halifax to Cape Breton Island. The road is deplorable, and I have to recommend any RV'ers to avoid it. We have found many of the secondary roads in Nova Scotia to be in absolutely terrible condition and in fact the secondary roads in Mexico are in better shape. I think Nova Scotia should be embarrassed by the condition of it's roads, especially considering it's the highest taxed province in the country.

So we decided to leave that route and head north to the main highway, which we know is in good shape because that's the way we came to Cape Breton just over two weeks ago. However there's no easy way to get back to the main highway, except of course on more secondary roads. We headed up to the city of New Glasgow, and by the time we got there it was around 4pm and of course traffic was a bit heavy. We took a side road heading towards Truro, hoping to find an overnight spot but there just wasn't anything that looked convenient. That happens sometimes when you're searching for free overnight spots, it was just frustrating that we came up to this route to take the main highway and then ended up on a side road again!

First day of summer, and this poor highway worker looked just about frozen!

Anyhow, we got into Truro and saw a sign for camping at the fairgrounds. Found the spot where the electric and water hookups are, but there's no signs and nobody around. Plus, it's right beside a road and it just didn't look open. So we pulled down to the harness racing track next door and asked if we could park in the field beside the fairground buildings. Nobody seemed to think it would matter, and it didn't. We had a good nights sleep with the exception of a train on a nearby railway track, but even that didn't bother us much.

Sherman, boondocking at the Truro fairgrounds

The only real bright spot of our day yesterday was that we actually saw that big yellow thing in the sky for a couple of hours. However it was still cool and windy.

Nice scenery near the town of Port Felix


  1. Too bad about the roads, but at least you saw some sunshine. I have not been able to upload pictures on our Blogger for quite a while. but found if I went to settings and use the old editor I can do 5 at a time, then back to new editor to finish it off, takes a bit more time but works for me. Good luck.

  2. Most trips always have an adventure and now you have had yours. Too bad you were inside of Sherman navigating instead of outside enjoying the sun. How did the RV hold up with all the bumps and dips? By the way, some of my comments are still going missing. Word Press is excellent.

  3. See now, that was our impression of the roads in New Brunswick, but then we tend to stick to the 100 series highways in N.S. Guess we've missed out on some of the fun on those back roads. I don't know where their heads are when it comes to road maintenance most anywhere in Canada these days, we're usually overwhelmed by the sad state of the roads when we go back home for a visit. I know we pay enough taxes, where is it going?

  4. Boy that sounds like the road we were on coming out of Hell Creek. Over an hour to go 25 miles. Lost two boat fenders, a roller bumper thingie on the boat, and now our fridge isn't working because something got shook loose. This was a county road - definitely not very well maintained. I use live writer and my pictures are loading okay on blogger. Takes a while but they are loading.

  5. George and Suzie...I think that road was the worst road we have ever been on in Canada.

    Kenny and Angela...You said it. Good thing we weren't in a rush.

    Contessa...Sherman seemed to hold up well. Whenever we stopped for a break Kevin would get down and look under and around Sherman to make sure everything was still intact.

    Bob...This wasn't considered a back road. It is the main road going along the Eastern Shore. I don't know how the locals deal with it each and every day.

    Jim and Sandie...I read about your travels the other day and as I was reading it I had thought about our drive and thought that they both sounded pretty bumpy. I had mentioned to Kevin that we had been on better dirt roads than this paved road. Hope you get your fridge working, it is sort of a necessary item in an RV.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  6. Now that your pictures are up...
    Had to chuckle at the one with the flag "person", where there's an 80 kph sign. I just thought, "What, you think I can speed up to 80??" Are you kidding me?
    If you are heading back down the valley (and I suspect you are) might I suggest (please) that you also avoid hwy #14, which goes between Shubenacadie and Windsor?
    THAT road is familiar to me, as we still refer to going through there as "Going through the Rotten Hills".
    Just brutal. Better to go all the way to Bedford. My old man always wanted to take that "short cut", and I swear it's no farther to stay on the 102, which is a heckofa sight easier on your nerves and equipment.
    Up to you.
    Just a suggestion.

    Oh...just did the google maps "get directions" thing. Here's the deal: Going from Shubenacadie to Windsor via 102, 96km and 1hr 10 minutes.
    Going via hwy#14, 70.2km, BUT 1hr and 20 minutes. So... even though you're travelling an extra 16 km, it's less time. Hmmm..
    Can't vouch for the accuracy of course.

  7. Ooouchh! Right in the middle of that road you turned off of is Clam Bay which is where we are headed as soon as we make it up the coast. My mom just bought a little cottage there...hopefully coming in from the other end our truck and trailer will make it in OK.

    When I took my husband to NS for the first and his only time to NS in 2006 he laughed at the roads as when we drove to Torbrook Mines where I grew up outside out Greewnwood and Kingston area, there was grass growing in the middle of the roads!

    Thanks for the heads up on that road...we will be sure not to entre from that direction. I`ve never been on that coast north of Halifax so it will be a new experience and hopefully not as bumpy of one :)

    Thanks again for the Greenbelt MD link we are headed there in a day or two. Stopping at Virgina Beach now, then on to Assateague national Seashore then on to Washington.

  8. Bob...It was too late we were already about half way along Hwy 14 when we got your comment. Kevin had thought of going on the main road but we were looking for a quiet place for the night before getting back to Kentville and we knew we wouldn't get that on the main road. Hwy 14 was in good shape with nice scenery, a little busier than we would have liked but it was a good drive.

    Brooke...Too funny, because right now we are very close to Kingston and Greenwood. I think the roads are still in the same if not worse condition than when you were here in the area. It is really disgraceful on the part of the Nova Scotia government. I hope the road going into Clam Bay from the other direction is better, at least you won't have too far to go.

    Hope you enjoy Washington, we did. You used to be able to get tickets (free) for the White House Gardens and the War Memorial, if you still can get there early to get tickets for both, they go in time increments and they go fast.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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