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Friday, June 10, 2011

Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia

We had a busy day yesterday so we broke it up into three separate posts. We did two different hiking trails yesterday, so I have already done a post about each of the trails.

In the morning, we did the Acadian Trail. You can access that post by clicking here. In the afternoon, we did the Skyline Trail. You can access that one here.

We had overnighted back by the closed up fish processing plant, and had another great nights sleep. We got an early start back to the parking area at the visitors centre, and went and did the Acadian Trail hike in the morning. Then sat and had some lunch and relaxed for a couple of hours before driving about 20 kms (12.4 miles) to the parking area for the Skyline Trail.

The Cabot Trail leading up to French Mountain

Looking back from the first viewpoint heading up French Mountain

After we did the Skyline Trail, we headed for the village of Pleasant Bay. And it really is pleasant. This little town is just outside the park boundary so nothing stopping us from boondocking here, and there is a GREAT boondocking spot that we had also used when we were here three years ago. (GPS 46.83012 -60.80018)

Looking down on the village of Pleasant Bay from the top of Mackenzie Mountain. We had to drive down the mountain. It's pretty steep, so first gear all the way, and very slowly so as not to let the brakes get too hot! Sherman handled the job with no problem!

Whiskey looking down on Sherman, boondocking near Pleasant Bay harbour.

So we did 17.6 kms (10.9 miles) hiking yesterday. Legs were a little tired in the evening! We have now completed 29.8 kms (18.5 miles) of our 75 km (46.5 mile) goal of hiking in the park.

This morning is drizzly, although it's supposed to clear up this afternoon. Pretty much a rest day today, but hoping to go for a bike ride if the weather improves.

Drove 40.3 kms (25 miles) yesterday


  1. have a great weekend!.and happy hiking!!!

  2. You're going to reach your hiking goal quickly at this rate. Gorgeous spot you've got there. I would really like that one.

  3. just love the winding coastal road with the fantastic views! I am sure you will reach your goal of 75kms.

  4. Sue and Doug...Thanks!

    Jim and Sandie...We have a few days off from achieving our goal as we won't be in the park hiking. Yes this spot is a great one.


    George and Suzie...It is a nice road, just gotta take it nice and easy.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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