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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inverness, Cape Breton Island

We don't really have any plans as to how far we drive each day, and yesterday it turned out that we didn't drive very far. We just stop if we see a spot worthwhile to stop at. If not, we keep driving.

So we made it to Inverness, only a 38 km (24 mile) drive from where we were parked the night before. Inverness is just a small town, but apparently they have a decent beach area. When we were through here in June of 2008 it was pouring rain that day and we hadn't even stopped. But yesterday was decent, although we didn't see the sun all day.

We parked on the main road through town and went for a walk. We ended up walking down to the harbour and beach area, and it looked like there might be a great spot for Sherman in the harbour parking lot.

This could be a great overnight spot. (GPS 46.23053 -61.31824)

It is a great overnight spot!

So after our walk, we moved Sherman down to the harbour. Didn't really do much all day except watch the fishing boats come and go. Ruth and Whiskey went for another walk later on, and I had a nice afternoon nap and did some reading. Our "mi-fi" internet device is working great. It is so convenient being able to park in a beautiful boondocking spot like this and get on the internet right away.

The coastline at the town of Inverness

And looking the other way

Whiskey loves the beach!

We went for an evening stroll on a boardwalk around the sand dunes and when we rounded a corner we saw an unexpected sunset. It had been pretty much overcast all day.

Inverness harbour at dusk.

We were up just after 7:00am this morning, and it started raining shortly after that. Two hours later, it's still raining. They have a laundromat here, so we'll go do some rainy day laundry and then we'll probably drive on. Hopefully it will clear up enough to go for a walk. Temperature is expected to be a high of 16C (61F) today.

Yesterday's drive 38 kms (24 miles)


  1. looks to me like you are the only ones out there on the Cabot Trail!..great spot to park and have the beach to yourselves!!

  2. Only 2 minutes of sun but how glorious they were were. Looks like a lovely spot.

  3. Whiskey looks so happy on that beach. It is so nice when you find such a great place to camp for a night or two. And doing nothing is a great time to treasure. So enjoy.

  4. Cape breton is wonderful (of course because i"m from there) you need to get into Margaree, there is a beautiful campground there ~ and try take in "The Barn" there are concerts (fiddlers, stepdancers etc ) there I think its every wed and sat....its on the Egypt Road in NE Margaree...you won't be disappointed...its located at the Normaway Inn.....enjoy your travels :)
    ps..be sure to try the lobster when your in that area if you like seafood

  5. Love the header picture of the sunset. Lots of great pictures today. Stay safe.

  6. Nice to have MiFi, for sure. I keep thinking it's on my eventual list...Lovely post today.

  7. Sue and Doug...I hope we are, then we will have the trails to ourselves.

    Contessa...It was funny, we didn't expect to see a sunset, climbed over the sand dune and there it was.

    Jim and Sandie...Whiskey loves the beach and all of it's smells.

    Rick and Elaine...Unfortunately we drove on the road going by the shore instead of past Margaree. We would've have been there Wednesday night as there are number of trails we want to hike and only so much time. Let us know ahead of time if there is anything else we should stop and see along the way though, we like having suggestions.

    pidge...Thanks. Hopefully there should be some nice pictures for the next little bit, there's eautiful scenery along the trail.

    heyduke50...We liked it, and it was quiet.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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