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Sunday, June 2, 2024

The pubs in old town Hull, England

Saturday morning we went for a walk in the center of Hull. They call the area "Old Town". 

Hull has a lot of history, dating back to the 12th century, and next to London, it was the most bombed city in the UK during the blitzes of WWII when 95% of the city's buildings were damaged or destroyed. 

Hull is a port city and had a thriving fishing industry up until the 1970's when it was determined that the area had been over fished.

Now, there is a recreational marina at Hull.

The Minerva pub at the port. Established 1829.

Fretwells Pub.

Ye Olde Black Boy Pub.
Oldest pub in Hull... since 1729.

Pretty quiet on a Saturday morning.

We went into the free Streetlife Museum. It was actually really well done, and there were some interesting displays...

A rare double decker streetcar (tram).

The Invacar.

Interesting story.

Ruth, inside the oldest streetcar in England.

Streetlife in Hull.

St. Mary's Church. Built around 1333.

The George Hotel and Pub. Dating back to 1683.

Scenery along the way.

We walked back to the house and said goodbye to Simon and family, then dropped by cousin Beryl's house to have a cup of tea and say goodbye to her. Then we drove about an hour SW to the village of Kirk Smeaton where we are staying with friends Alison (Aly) and Martin.

Aly and Martin were introduced to us by Glen and Steve back in February of 2022 when we were in Turkiye. They own a part time place in Fethiye, and we had stopped by when we had our motorhome Max and stayed a couple of days. 

They made us a nice pork dinner, and we went for a walk around town.

The 12th century church in Kirk Smeaton.

Funny story about the church. Kirk Smeaton is a small village. Opposite the river is another small village called Little Smeaton. The story goes that when the church was built, they were raising funds for it, and the villagers of Little Smeaton didn't want to contribute because the church wasn't on their side of the stream. The tower has four sides to it, and there is a clock on three of the sides. They decided not to have a clock facing Little Smeaton because they didn't contribute to the building fund!

There is an odd tree at the local pub.

Made with bits and pieces.

Scenery along the way.

The River Went.

Today is supposed to be beautiful and sunny, and we are headed up to the town of York to match up three more of my dad's photos!


And in Canada...

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