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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Motorhome Trips in America’s Wild West

The freedom of the open road has always been a major attraction for us and we have been lucky enough to experience the great outdoors across a variety of continents. But a road trip that is on many people’s bucket list is one taking in the wild west of the United States.
Generations have grown up on old western films and even more modern stories depicting this fascinating region of the world. Those long straight roads were built for motorhomes to explore and we thought we would share with you a trip that would allow you to take in the stunning scenery and sights – as well as a chance to check out all the Las Vegas betting online sites.

The only real restriction for a Wild West road adventure is your own imagination (and possibly your budget!). But we thought we concentrate on a road trip starting and ending in the entertainment capital of the world – and taking in some of nature’s masterpieces along the way.
Las Vegas
You may have a yearning to hit the open road and marvel at the spectacle of the rocky terrain that looks like a cross between the old westerns and another planet. But if you are coming all the way out here, we think you should take some time to check out Sin City itself.

There are a surprising number of RV parks for people who want to start as they mean to go on. But why not spend one night in the luxury of a casino resort hotel and take advantage of this incredible, neon-lit, entertainment center? Enjoy the shows and lights of Las Vegas before getting ready to head off into the wild in your motorhome.
As long as you haven’t hit the roulette table of Vegas too hard, you should be in the right frame of mind to hit the road instead. Kingman, Arizona is a good first stop and is only around 115 miles from Vegas. You will pass the legendary Hoover Dam to cross into Arizona. But we recommend leaving some time for this iconic structure for the end of the trip.
Instead, make the most of venturing into the rocky terrain south of Las Vegas and feel as though you have set foot on the moon. A nice touch here is to prepare a suitably western soundtrack for your drive – to really get you in the mood. The city of Kingman has enjoyed a population explosion in the last 30 years but still exudes small-town Americana charm and the Blake Ranch RV Park just east of town makes for a perfect stopping point.
As with any leg of a US road trip, you will have the chance to choose between using the major highways and/or exploring a little further afield. This is entirely down to personal choice, of course. But we would suggest that you make the most of any trip – as long as you have a good idea of where you are and where you are going.
Sedona is around 200 miles from Kingman and can be reached by taking the I-40 east. You will be able to take a wonderful drive through the Coconino National Forest on the way and get to enjoy the diverse nature and scenery of this part of the world. You could stop in the tourist town of Flagstaff first but the Rancho Sedona RV Park is central to all your needs in Sedona itself and supplies another picture-perfect Americana backdrop to enjoy.

Route 66
It is one of the most famous roads in the world and planning a trip beginning and ending in Las Vegas will give you the opportunity to enjoy Route 66 in all its legendary glory. You will have already started off on the famous highway when you set off for Arizona and you will return back time and again on this trip.
It has featured in movies, TV shows, and songs throughout the 20th century and up until modern times – and just driving down Route 66 will provide a thrill of its own. The highway actually stretches all the way from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. But the Route 66 of popular culture is definitely the part of the road you will see on this particular trip.
The Grand Canyon

To begin the trek up to one of the natural wonders of the world you might actually be doubling back on yourself to Flagstaff. But we don’t think you will mind the familiarity of the route when you know what is coming up. You will end up taking the road due north from Grand Canyon Junction, whichever way you set out from Sedona.
There really is no way of preparing anyone for the sheer size and spectacle of the Grand Canyon. You just have to witness it with your own eyes and take in this majestic sight. The Grand Canyon Camper Village is a perfect place to set up the motorhome and we suggest that you take as long as you want to enjoy a place like nowhere else on Earth.

Hoover Dam
When you can finally drag yourself away from the Grand Canyon you will be making the return trip to Las Vegas. But, as stunning as the entire trip will have been, we recommend taking some time to enjoy the Hoover Dam. Again, you might be retreading your steps somewhat – but the views are definitely worth it.
Crossing the Hoover Dam itself is quite the experience and, if you time your journey right, you can even take in the anticipatory neon glow of Las Vegas in the night sky. You will be on the home run now and ready to enjoy the delights of Vegas once again – before eagerly planning another road trip to feed that desire for the freedom of the open road.