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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Peaks of the Balkans Day 8... Roshkodol to Babino Polje... 11 kms

June 21 was a relatively short hiking day as we had only 11 kms scheduled due to guesthouse allocation. That was totally okay with us though, because it still entailed a steep one hour climb at the beginning, and then a descent into the valley that seemed like it would never end.

And wildflowers... lots of beautiful wildflowers!

But it didn't start off well. The company had given Ruth a very detailed information sheet written in Albanian that she could give to the cooks at the guesthouses. All of them had been very accommodating so far, but the guy at the guest house in Roshkodol just didn't seem to get it and Ruth had to keep asking for something different that she could eat.

Probably one of the most meagre breakfasts we had. One fried egg, two tomato wedges, a couple of pieces of cucumber, and bread and jam. So Ruth already didn't have much food. Then after breakfast, they normally put out a spread of food, and you help yourself to lunch items. But at this guest house, they handed out some type of sandwich buns wrapped in tin foil. And that was it. So Ruth couldn't eat it. She asked one of the other guides to translate for her, and the guy says "well, what can you eat?", and Ruth listed off a bunch of stuff.

He comes back with an apple, wrapped in tin foil (so the other clients couldn't see? Because nobody else got any fruit) and some cheese wrapped in tin foil. That was it.

We set out at 8:00am.

Just us and the cows.

Can you see Ruth coming up behind me?

Looking up the trail in front.

We never tire of the scenery.

Notice that it's another perfect day.

Scenery along the way.


Once we got up to the top of the ridge, it was just a fairly level walk through the forest.

Still a beautiful walk through the forest though!

The trail followed the border between Kosovo and Montenegro.

There was a rest stop at the pass.

A little competition with the guesthouse advertising!

Gotta give them an A for effort!

Now we head down!


More vivid wildflowers.

This stream came down the side of the ridge.

And both sides were covered in flowers.

We are headed down there to Babino Polje, Montenegro.

The fields were full of flowers!

More flowers.

It was a long downhill stretch.

More flowers.

Coming up to the village of Babino Polje.

Walking along the main road.

Arrived at the guest house quite early at 12:00 noon. We hadn't even stopped for lunch. We get there, and the welcome we got was "what are you doing here so early?". But, he showed us to our room anyhow.

Really nice little rooms, with a great view off the front porch. 

Ruth, relaxing on the front porch.

Our room. Twin beds, but that's okay. Once again, we did not have to share a room.

The view from our porch.

We sat and had our lunch.

Yes, Ruth's lunch was sad. Mine wasn't much better. A bun with one slice of deli meat, one slice of cheese, and a soggy cucumber. Yes, we will be mentioning this to the organizers.

Our friend Ian and Julie from Australia showed up and were given the room right next to us.

Notice there is no railing preventing you from falling the 20 feet into the ravine below. You don't want to be a sleep walker around here!

Dinner was really good!

Pickled peppers, soup, rice, potatoes, pasta, veggies, chicken, lamb, sausages, watermelon.

Good thing we had a fairly easy day... because we would certainly need all our energy for what was to come next!


And in Canada...


  1. Oh, those wildflowers, absolutely gorgeous! Sorry about the food...what part of "no bread" (in Albanian, no less) could those people possibly not have comprehended?

    1. The wildflowers were so plentiful, it really was amazing to see and there were so many different varieties, some that we have never seen before.

      He must have had short term memory loss because I showed him the form the day before and he either forgot or just didn't read it properly or just didn't pay any attention to it, I don't know but we weren't very impressed. The dinner the night before wasn't bad but this was the only place that we were disappointed with, throughout the whole trek.


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