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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Shkodra, Albania.

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Friday, June 7, 2024

It is so frustrating!

While we have been quietly meandering our way through the English countryside, there is a lot going on behind the scenes here at Travel with Kevin and Ruth. Let me explain...

Although we've been enjoying ourselves doing this "senior backpacking" style of travel, as we call it, we are missing our favorite method of travel... motorhome.

And we are also missing our favorite country... Mexico. We haven't been to Mexico in over four years since we left at the beginning of Covid.

We've already made a commitment to be house sitting in Ottawa, Canada for the month of October. At the same place we have been for the last couple of years. And then at the beginning of November we were going to fly directly from there and spend three months in Mexico. We've even made a plan to meet our son and daughter and her family down there for ten days during November. (Nothing booked yet though).

And then we had a thought that maybe we should combine those two things that we are missing.

We're looking for some kind of van/motorhome that we can take further south... certainly into Central America and our goal is actually South America. So, smaller, and more versatile. I had a lead on something suitable that was located in Mexico City, but her communication wasn't great, and then she said she already had someone who promised a deposit and that she would send me a note if the deal fell apart. Never heard back from her. 

Then, Kelly from The Bayfield Bunch sent me a note that a similar vehicle was for sale near them in London, Ontario. It had more miles than I wanted, and I think she's asking too much money, but if the price was right it would do. I've had several messages back and forth with the woman, but it takes her days to answer my questions. 

It is so frustrating!

She said she was selling it uncertified, and she said she would ask her mechanic what it needs. That was three days ago and I haven't heard back from her.

Then, I came across another one in Nova Scotia. The advertisement only had three photos, so I asked for some more, as well as asking a bunch of other questions. He answered the questions, but never sent more photos. Although it looks like it would be exactly what we want. (Keeping in mind that there is no perfect RV!). I was trying to arrange to get our daughter to go out and look at it, when I got a message back from him saying that he was in Ontario for two weeks and it wouldn't be possible. Then he says they are leaving again on June 26th and won't be back until July 18th. He did say he would contact me when he gets back to Nova Scotia from Ontario, but that would leave a very small window in which to close the deal. I'm not holding my breath.

Why would you advertise a vehicle for sale if you are not going to be around to sell it?? Arrgghhhh!

If that were to come together we were actually going to really switch things up. We would have flown back to Canada after our Albania hike, got the vehicle ready to go, and headed to Newfoundland for the summer. But now, we doubt it will come together. 

And, if we do end up driving through the Unites States instead of flying over, then I need to renew that stupid visa waiver than I need. That always takes a few months, so it would be best to arrive back in Canada ASAP to get the process started.

So, we'll continue to keep our eyes open, but we will stick with our original plan while remaining flexible enough to get back to Canada quickly if we need to. 

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And in Canada...


  1. Oh wow, I do wish you luck with that! I can understand your frustration. I am trying to buy a bike on Facebook Marketplace and am antsy because I messaged the seller five hours ago and haven't heard back. Seems like if you're going to advertise something for sale (his ad went up yesterday), you should actually check your messages and respond, no?

    1. Yes, ir it is very frustrating for sure!

      You're right, if you are going to advertise something you should be ready to respond to enquiries, if you sold it, all you have to do it reply, it's sold! And if it isn't then get back quickly with any information that you can to help get it sold.


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