Nice sunset view as we pass over London, England, on our way to Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Shkodra, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Hiking the Peaks of the Balkans, June 13-24!

Sunday, June 9, 2024

I'm not gonna lie, we were pretty much done!

We had done Friday overnight at the Ravenstor Hostel in Peak District National Park. We had met our friends Antoinette and Ki there, and we all had breakfast together and then headed out. They do a lot of hiking in this park, and they had planned the route for us. 42 kms (26 miles) over two days!

We set off day one at 9:30am...

There was some showers in the forecast, but it actually turned into a really nice day!

Kevin, Ruth, Antoinette, and Ki.
We got someone to snap our photo as we set out.

Ruth, at the rotating kissing gate!

On the trail towards Chatsworth House, a large manor home estate.

The River Derwent.

Pains bridge on the Chatsworth Estate was built in 1761.

The Chatsworth Estate manor house.

Scenery along the way.

The old mill house operated from 1762 until 1962.

Beautiful views, especially with an unexpected blue sky!

We went through several forested sections.

We passed by this structure that had supported an aqueduct that went to a quarry.

Pretty little waterfall.

Field of buttercups.

This part of the trail was a bit overgrown!

This fallen tree had the weirdest fungi growing on it.
Never seen fungi that huge!

Just another view of the beautiful English countryside.

3.000 year old stone ring.

We crossed a barren moor, with the occasional pretty flower growing on it.

Ki, climbing this odd rock.

When hiking in England, there is always a pub close to the route!

We stopped and relaxed in the village of Birchover. It was really nice sitting on the outdoor patio of the Druid Pub with a cold drink. Then we went and explored the nearby Rowtor Rocks, a series of small caves, some natural and some manmade in the 17th century.

We crawled through this small opening.

And came out at the bottom to this.

More scenery.

We detoured to this odd cave.

Where there was some kind of religious figure carved inside.

This is where we sat and had lunch.

Antoinette and Ruth.

Green fields.

Arrived in the town of Youlgreave and once again stayed at the hostel. Got ourselves settled, and went to the pub. You sure work up a thirst doing all that hiking!

Ussie at the pub.

The Youlgreave Hostel.

Menu at the pub.

I had the pork sausage.

Ruth had the pork tenderloin.

The town of Youlgreave.

I'm not gonna lie, we were pretty much done after a 20 km (12.5 mile) day of hiking! But oddly enough, we felt pretty good setting off to do it again Sunday morning. Stay tuned...

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  1. Just curious as to the cost of a hostel these days?

    1. The first hostel was £30 ($53 CAD, $38 USD) for the night. Antoinette paid for the hostel the second night, and mentioned that it was a more expensive than the first one.

      As for other hostels, the prices are all over the place, we have found some hostels to be very pricey and wouldn't stay there because of that. The hostel in Birmingham is more expensive than the hotel that we are staying in.

  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous out there. And the pub grub & ale doesn't look bad either!

    1. The countryside is so beautiful here, especially when the sun is shining.

      The food was delicious but pretty pricey, mind you I doubt the prices are a whole lot different to a similar meal out in Canada or the US, we just aren't used to paying prices like that. The beer and cider sure tasted pretty good too! :-)


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