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Monday, June 3, 2024

Beautiful day in York, and more photo matching

The forecast was for a gorgeous Sunday with sunshine and a high of about 21C (70F), and that's exactly what happened. It was a perfect day.

We set off just after 9:30am along with Aly and Martin and the four of us drove about 45 minutes north to the ancient city of York.

The city of York was founded by the Romans in the year 71AD. Those Romans sure got around, didn't they?!

Lots of people out enjoying the day.

We loved looking at the old buildings.

Old medieval streets in the central area.

Some wonky archticture.

Another wonky building!

Our first view of York Minster.

Another part of the minster.

They wanted £7 ($8.90 USD, $12.15 CAD) each to ride the Ferris wheel!

York is worth a visit anyhow, but one of the reasons we came here is to match up some more of my dad's photos that he took during a visit seventy years ago in 1954. No idea why, but he only took three photos.

Notice the scaffolding.

The trees have grown by 2024!
We got Aly and Martin to play the couple sitting in the lower right!

I had a hard time with that shot getting the format right. No idea what the depth of field of the lenses my dad had with him, but I couldn't seem to get it the same.

York Minster.

They want £18 ($23 USD, $31 CAD) per adult to go inside. No thanks!

The scaffolding from 1954 has moved around to the back!



I think we did a pretty good job standing in exactly the same spot on that shot. We had to ask the hop on hop off bus stand to move their umbrella in order to get the shot.

I think I like my photo better!

We went for a walk through Museum Gardens Park.

Lots of people enjoying the beautiful weather.

St Mary's Abbey was founded in 1155 and destroyed during the Dissolution in 1539.

The Hospitium. 

The name Hospitium (related to hospitality) suggests that the building was used for housing guests. These would have been people such as merchants who were not allowed to stay in the main abbey with the monks. Now used for as a wedding venue.

The River Ouse.



Scenery along the way.

Ruth, at the Teddy Bear Shop.

Ye Olde Starre Inne, Yorks oldest licensed inn.

We went in thinking about eating there, but it was far too expensive.

We love the old architecture.

The Merchant Adventurers Guildhall.

A pleasant spot to sit out.

We ended up at another Wetherspoons Pub. 

Clifford's Tower.

More people out enjoying the day outside of the Kings Arms Pub.

The Kings Arms Pub is regularly flooded when the River Ouse rises.

We went inside to see the level marker.

I found this photo online from January 2023. Yikes!

Aly, Martin, and Ruth.

What a great day we had enjoying the summer like weather and exploring the city of York. 

In the evening, we played four rounds of euchre. The men beat the women 4-0. We'll have to play again tonight!

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And in Canada...


  1. Great photos! I always enjoy the photo matching you do with your Dad's shots. You did a good job, and really, it's changed less than I'd have imagined. That river rising is something else...seems like it would be a real cleanup headache for those business owners.

    1. We always have fun going out and trying to match up Kevin's dad's pictures and often we are quite surprised to see how little change there has been over the 70 or so years when we compare the two.

      It really blows our minds when we see how much the river can flood. I was reading an article and because of the flooding that can happen the King's Arm pub has all it's electrical stuff on the upper floors, plus it's beer, so I guess when they do get flooded not too much gets damaged and of course they have to do a big clean up afterwards. It wouldn't surprise us if most of the businesses along the river are much the same.

  2. York is certainly an interesting old town. Will all the crowds and tight buildings it kinda gives you the impression you are at Disneyland. Keep up the good work matching Kevin's dads pic of 1954 to current. what a wonderful perspective.

    1. It is a very interesting and beautiful old town/city. We totally enjoyed our visit there. I guess it could look like a tourist attraction, as in a set similar to Disney but they are totally streets.

      We always have lots of fun matching up Kevin's dad's old pictures. It amazes us sometimes how little things have changed in some of the pictures.


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