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Thursday, October 27, 2022

We have no intention of settling down! And, new registration for Max.

It occurred to us the other day that we missed our nomadiversary! It was 15 years ago on October 15, 2007 that we took off in our motorhome Sherman for what was planned to be a two year adventure. You can read our very first blog post here... We're cookin' with gas now

Well two years went by and we didn't want to stop. So we just found ways to make it work. And here we are now into our 16th year!

With no thoughts about stopping. We often get asked "what's the end game?" and "when will you settle down?". Well, we know of people who are doing exactly what we're doing... and they're in their early 80's. We are now 60, so we figure we've got a good twenty years left. We have no intention of settling down!

And so we are nine days away from our return to our European motorhome Max. We're both really excited about that. While we've enjoyed our "backpack" style travels the last three months, we really like motorhome travel better. 

The last time we saw Max was August 4th.

Max has been waiting for us at his home base in Dulmen, Germany. We fly from Tirana to Dortmund on Saturday November 5th, then take the train for an hour or so to arrive back at Max by noon that day.

Max is going to have new license plates when we get there. We've had to change the way he is registered. One of the problems with being foreign buyers of a motorhome in Europe is the issue of a residence address. There are slightly illegal ways of getting around it if you have the address of friends or family to use, but the Germans are especially fussy about this kind of thing. Since we bought him, Max has been registered as part of the dealer's rental fleet, but the insurance regulations changed, so we have had to change our registration process as well.

So now, we are using a registration service that makes it totally legal. It's quite a lot more expensive, but it's also really convenient. It cost a grand total of €2,104 ($2,870 CAD, $2,116 USD) for the next year, although some of that is one time expenses that won't be repeated for the following year.

But, that figure includes full insurance (with a €1,000 deductible) and full breakdown coverage with roadside assistance.

This is the company we are using for this service... International Motorclub.

As always, our dealer has been fantastic in organizing all of this. We will arrive on November 5th, and Max will be ready to go with the new plates already installed and the paperwork inside the vehicle. 

We will then take Max to Belgium, Luxembourg , France, Andorra, and Spain up until mid January. After that is still undecided, but we are now leaning towards Morocco. 

Yesterday was a bit of a relax day, although we did get out for a 7 km (4.3 mile) walk.

This is an odd building.

A walk in the park.

This 18th century mosque was recently restored.

Today, we are driving up to a park just outside of the city to do some hiking.

Record low deal on the Camplux Portable Water Heater.

And in Canada...

Great deal on this Automotive Code Reader.


  1. How bizarre! We jsut talked about you guys and now long you have been rving. That was today on our way home from SMA crossing the mountains. We were trying to remember how many times you had stopped by our area. If I were you, I wouldn't stop either. George didn't and he rv'ed until the end. What a way to go!

    1. Lol, it is funny when things like that happen, we have had that happen to us as well.

      You know, we aren't sure how many times we have been by your area but it has been a lot of times and whenever we have stopped in to see you or you have met us somewhere nearby it has always been a good time, with delicious food and drink and lots of laughs.

      You are right, George never stopped and hopefully that will be us too! :-)

  2. Happy anniversary and wishing you many more years of interesting life. Max is looking forward to being back on the road too, he needs to get those wheels turning again. Cheers

    1. Thank you Vera, we have had some great years on the road and hopefully many more to come but I don't know if we will ever catch of to you and Bob, lol.

      We are sure that Max is getting antsy too, he has sat in one place for too long now, I am sure that he wants to get on the road and seek out some new places with us. :-)


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