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Monday, October 31, 2022

We keep our expectations low so that we're not disappointed!

On Sunday, we drove from Pristina to Prizren. Not a long distance, so we asked our new host if we could get early check in, and that was no problem. An easy hour and a half drive, and we arrived in Prizren about 11:30am.

We're pretty low maintenance when it comes to accommodation. And you have to be when you don't want to spend a lot of money. 

And we keep our expectations low so that we're not disappointed! 

This place got really good reviews, and honestly for the money, it's okay.

But when we drove up to the building, I was wondering what we were getting into.

It's an old communist era building.
Our apartment is the one with the new windows below the clothes that are hanging.

Now, we've stayed in these types of buildings before. The outside and the hallways can be pretty run down because there is nobody that does any maintenance on them. But often the apartments themselves can be renovated and quite nice.

This one is kind of middle of the road.

Nice welcoming touch.

Living room.
It's really bright, with lots of sunshine.

Bedroom. The bed is actually very comfy.

"Fully equipped kitchen". 

We see this in the listings all the time. What does that mean exactly? Obviously, it means different things to different people! This fully equipped kitchen does not have an oven. Or a microwave. But at least the one pot and the one frying pan are in good condition. No spatula though.

The bathroom.

The bathroom looks a bit gross in the photo, but it's actually quite clean. The hot water heater is brand new, and as you saw in the kitchen photo, the washing machine is new as well.

All of this for €22.50 ($30.50 CAD, $22.35 USD) per night.

However, the host is really good. He's just a young guy, and we think maybe he lives here when it's not rented out. Who knows. But he sat us down with a map, and showed us all the highlights around town and pointed out some good restaurants and mentioned what types of local food we should try. Really helpful guy, and I think it's more because of him that the place gets glowing reviews.

We're only here for two nights, so it will do.

We got ourselves settled and went for a walk to the old central area. Our host had warned us that it gets really busy down there on a nice Sunday afternoon, and he was right.

Serbian Orthodox church built around 1330.

Unfortunately the church is closed up and razor wire lines the fence. Because it is a Serbian church and it's located in an Albanian area, nobody cares about it. 

Our host was right...  lots of people out and about.

The old stone bridge.

Except that it's not that old. The original 16th century bridge was destroyed by flooding in 1979, and it was rebuilt in 1982.

Cafes line one side of the river.

Shops and stores on the other side.

The pedestrian area of old town Prizren.

Another Serbian Orthodox church. This one was destroyed in 2004 because of the war, but rebuilt. 
Currently protected by a guard, and not open to the public.

Ruth, at the umbrella street.

Lots of people out enjoying the day.

Prizren old town and the fortress up on the hill.

Looks like yet another beautiful day! We are headed out on a hike along the river and up to the fortress.

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And in Canada...


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