Konyaaltı Beach at Antalya, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Return to Berat... but where next...?

Yesterday morning we did the three hour drive from Gjirokaster to Berat. Mixed weather the whole way with a few rain showers and a high of about 22C (72F).

Ruth and I have spent quite a lot of time in Berat. We were here for two weeks in the spring of last year and almost three more weeks when we were here with Max last November.

Here are some photos from the drive...

Lots of olive trees as we get closer to Berat.

This house, built like a boat was looking a bit rundown and was for sale when we drove by last year.
Obviously someone has bought it and fixed it up!

Arrived at our accommodation right in the center of the city. It's nothing special, but it's clean and new and you can tell it's been purposely built to be tourist accommodation. Great location though, and that's why we booked it. It's a little bit pricey at €40 ($53 CAD, $39 USD) per night, but shared between two couples it's very reasonable. I didn't bother with photos... as I said, it's nothing special.

We were hungry when we got here and there is a nice restaurant right across the road. So we went in for lunch. We each had a bowl of soup and bread and a big salad. Tony and I each had a large beer, and the girls had a lemon soda. The bill for the four of us including tip was 1,950 lek ($22 CAD, $16 USD). Incredibly cheap and delicious. 

In fact, we were going to go back to the same restaurant for dinner, but when we went out there it was closed. There are no hours listed on the door, so maybe it's only a breakfast and lunch place.

Anyhow, we ended up at another place that we were also totally happy with!

I had the piglet ribs and grilled vegetables.

Ruth had lamb ribs, Tony had some kind of rolled meat and nut dish, and Helen had chicken cutlets. With a liter of red wine and a tip the bill was 4,900 lek ($56.50 CAD, $41 USD). Delicious. We might have to go back there!

Tony, Helen, Ruth, and Kevin.

Funny telephone.

Lots of interesting decor.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the dentist.

I had quite a bit of work done here last year, and Ruth had her Invisalign done here as well. The dentist had given me his WhatsApp number, and I had tried several times to make another appointment about a month ago but wasn't getting a response. I have a molar that a filling fell out of, and I want to get it fixed. And Ruth wants a copy of her last Invisaligner to use as a retainer. 

So I popped into his office to see what the story was. It turns out that he has a problem with the app or his phone or something, and was able to receive messages, but not respond to them. Anyhow, he had received my message and made us an appointment for this morning at 11:00am! Perfect!

So depending on what my tooth needs, and how long Ruth's retainer takes will dictate where we are going to be next week. We have to take Helen and Tony back to the airport on Sunday, and so far we have not booked any accommodation after that. We'll know more after we see the dentist today and we can make some future plans. Ruth and I are here for another three weeks after that. 

A lot of rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow, but Saturday looks great, as does all next week. 


And in Canada...

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