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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Hmm. This is kind of creepy.

We managed to get out for a nice walk in the hills behind Berat despite the threat of rain. And in fact it did rain for a fair bit of the afternoon. It looks like that is all done with now though as the sunshine and blue skies have returned for the next week.

Here are some pics from our walk...

The King Mosque in Berat, Albania.

The mosque was built in the late 1400's.

The courtyard of the mosque.

An old door.

Not sure how this old place is still standing.


A different view of Berat and the castle wall.

We came across this guy harvesting his pomegranates.

We said hello and how are you in Albanian. The locals are always impressed when we do that because they don't hear that from the tourists very often! But then they ramble on in Albanian because they think you can speak the language. It's funny. Anyhow, this guy insisted we take a pomegranate with us. And we thanked him... in Albanian.

Another view of Berat.

Olive trees.

Hmm. That's kind of creepy!

The same house had this old teddy bear.

Healthy looking grapes.

Grape vines on this house.

Another view of Berat.

Tomori Mountain is still in the clouds.

It rained in the afternoon. We've been teaching Helen and Tony how to play Euchre, so we had a few rounds of that.

In the evening, we tried a different restaurant for dinner.

Drawings on the mosque.

Berat at night.

Ribs and salad.

Some kind of savory pie. The waiter told us it was pumpkin, but it didn't taste that way.
It was quite good though.

Stuffed pepper.

Including a liter of wine and three shots of raki, the bill for the four of us was 2,750 lek. ($32 CAD, $23 USD).

Today, we are off to the Osumi Canyon!

Great deal on this popular Coleman Camp Table.

And in Canada...


  1. Good grief, that would be at least the price for an entree in the US, and it fed all four of you -- and alcohol too. Color me envious!

    1. The restaurant prices are really good here, especially if you go to a restaurant that is a more local restaurant opposed to a touristy type of restaurant and the food has always been delicious and filling. We really do love Albania! :-)

  2. I thought you took Helen and troy to the airport yesterday lol. The pumpkin pie appears to have cheese and green onions on it. Beautiful city and country side.

    1. No, we take Helen and Tony to the airport today (Sunday),

      I think that they refer to pumpkin when they are talking about any type of squash, so I think it was perhaps a squash pie and yes, it had cheese and onions/spinach with phyllo pastry. So really it was much like a Byrek (Börek) dish.

  3. A few words in the local language goes a long way. Falimenderit. Yesterday in a taxi, I spoke in English to the driver, without prompting, he typed the words into his Google translate. I'd said, I want learn Turkish. Got an instant lesson after that. Lol

    1. It really does. We always try to learn the basics and to use these words often. The locals definitely appreciate it and we have often surprised many of them. I think we know at least 20 words in Albanian now and we are always wanting to learn more.

      Glad that you got a lesson for the taxi driver, locals are always happy to teach you new words. :-)


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