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Thursday, October 6, 2022

The three borders area of Albania, North Macedonia, and Greece

Yesterday, we hopped in the car and did a day trip to the area where the borders of Albania, North Macedonia, and Greece meet. 

The actual border point is located in the center of Lake Prespa.

There is an island in the lake that looks like it should be part of Albania, but the border is actually on this side of the island and the island is part of North Macedonia and Galichica National Park.

Tony, taking a photo of the island in Lake Prespa.

Lake Prespa, the village of Pustec on the left, and the island.
Pustec is in Albania, the island is part of North Macedonia, and on the right side of the lake is Greece.

There are lots of hiking trails in these mountains.

We drove down to the village of Pustec to have a look...

They have a fairly new church in the center of the village.

And donkeys! Roaming all over the center square.

This little one was so cute!

Ruth, saying hi to some of the donkeys.

From there, we did a short walk along the coastline to get a better view of the island. Along the way, we came across a camper van with German plates and said hello to the people. They live in Turkey during the winter and are on their way to their winter house.

They told us that if you ask at the cafe in town, someone will set you up with a boat ride over to the island where there is a small church that was built in the 14th century. We decided against the idea.

Island in the middle of Lake Prespa.

Scenery along the way.
Lots of different crops being grown.

Tony and I sat and had a beer at the cafe patio while we waited for the girls.
The beer was from North Macedonia and was quite good.
The beer cost 150 lek ($1.70 CAD, $1.25 USD) each for a half liter bottle.

From there, we did a drive further north to a point where the water in lake Prespa apparently goes underground to feed nearby lake Ohrid. The problem is that the water level in lake Prespa is quite low right now.

The drain point is almost dried up.

Another view of Lake Prespa.

From there, we drove to the city of Korce for a quick visit. Ruth and I had stayed there for a week last year, so we didn't take many photos this time around. It was more so that Helen and Tony could see it.

The cathedral in Korce.

Love this apartment building!

And back home in time for happy hour. For dinner, we went to the same restaurant we were at the first night. This time, we ordered a small mixed meat plate and were able to finish it all. Still stuffed though. 

Sunset at Lake Ohrid.

Moving on today. We have a long drive to Gjyrokaster through the mountains so we have to get an early start!

You won't believe the price of this 32" Smart TV!

And in Canada...

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