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Monday, October 15, 2007

We're cookin' with gas now...

Monday October 15...9:15pm

We are finally on the road!

Despite finding several more minor motorhome maintenance items that need attention, we left Arnprior this morning around 11:30am. A little later than we planned, but we aren't too worried about not following "the plan". Life will go on, as they say.

Took the river road through Braeside up past Renfrew where we hooked onto Highway 17 towards Pembroke. Either the motorhome really drives like a truck, or there are parts of Highway 17 that are in bad shape! I think it's a combination of the two. The motorhome will eventually need a little front end work, and parts of the highway need a major overhaul. There were some bumpy sections where the steering wheel was shaking in my hands.

Our first "pit stop" really was that. We were looking for somewhere to dump the holding tanks because we had put a cleaning solution in them to get them spic and span so that we could start fresh... so to speak. An online site pointed us to the Irving full serve station at the entrance to Pembroke. Funny it was on Paul Martin Drive. So we dumped the holding tanks on Paul Martin Drive. Fitting, no? Being first time RV'ers, we were a little concerned about our first experience dumping the tanks, having seen Robin Williams mess with "the Y connector" in the movie RV. So I've done all kinds of reading online about the proper way to go through this procedure, and it turns out there's nothing to it. Everything went fine, and we were off to the grocery store. Picked up a few items, and headed back to the 17 towards North Bay.

There was a 27 km long section of the highway being reconstructed, and the signs said to expect delays...and there were. Not so bad really, but one accident where a tractor trailer was in the ditch kind of held things up a bit more. We had kept our eye open for somewhere to pull off for the night, but between the roadwork and the fact that we had a bit of a late start, we figured we'd drive right to the North Bay Wal-Mart where a few other RV's had already parked up for the night. We made a great dinner for our first night in "Sherman" (the motorhome...he drives like a tank)...baked salmon loaf, with rice and green beans...and a bottle of white wine our neighbours had given us as a send off. The gas oven worked great.

Going to take Whiskey for a little walk, and then call it a night.

Total Nights sleeping in the RV... 2... (I read where a fellow RV'er said that if you live in a motorhome you have to keep track of how many nights you've slept in it)

October Fuel $ 97.08

October Grocery $ 59.94

October Overnight Costs $ 0


  1. Wheeeheee how COOL to read your first post! And how you named your rig Sherman. I love it! And to think, four and a half years later, you are still rollin along. What a journey!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Wow! Your very first blog! It's great that you have kept this going after all these years, and keeping such accurate records of expenses. And now your in your 8th year!

    1. Thank you annjeanbs! We started out with the blog just being for our friends and family but somehow it just grew from there. Now it has just become a habit. We like to supply the information to help others who may like to follow the same type of lifestyle.

  3. Haha, total nights sleeping in the RV: 5580

  4. I thought I would go back to the beginning of your blog out of curiosity. Is there a blog post that talks about what led up to your decision to get and RV and hit the road ? I am curious about that and enjoy reading others' stories.o

    1. I think we may have written one but it was much later on in the blog that we wrote about it and I can't even remember what it might have been titled. We wish now that we had started writing the blog before we actually hit the road but we didn't!


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