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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Saturday October 27...8:30pm

With Sherman hooked up to hydro, we had our little electric heater on for part of the night. That sure makes a big difference in keeping the chill off. There was some frost on the ground, and we're pretty sure it went below zero overnight, but we were comfortable sleeping.

Surprisingly, we didn't get up until almost 7:45am, and it looked like a beautiful sunny day out. As Randy and Elaine like to sleep in on Saturday morning, I took Whiskey for a walk while Ruth made spaghetti sauce for tonight's dinner. Eventually we went in and chatted with them over coffee, and before we knew it, it was 11am.

Said our goodbyes, and with a bit of a late start we headed west from Brandon. Still had a quarter tank of gas, so figured we'd pick some up along the way rather than going back into Brandon for it. So we took the main highway #1 west for about 25km until we branched south onto a side road. As we drove along with the fuel tank getting close to the 1/8 mark, I queried the GPS unit as to the location of fuel stations along our route to Weyburn, which was about another 250km's. I was told that I had to either wait for Weyburn, or go back to Brandon! Now...these GPS units are handy, but they're not TOTALLY accurate all of the time...still, I was a little concerned as we continued west. There was a fair sized town coming up in 30 km's or so, and as we came upon it, saw a garage that had one single fuel pump out front. Stopped in there, and a young guy came out and said sure, that I could fill up there...and it was only .999 a litre, which was cheaper than it had been in Brandon. So we happily carried on with another $162 worth of gas. That kid was sure surprised when the pump just wouldn't shut down at well over $100! Too funny.

Along the way we headed north for a bit, up to Moose Mountain Provincial Park. This park is open year round, but most of the facilities are shut down after October 1st. But the camping was still open to self registration at $10 a night. We thought about staying there, but wanted to drive a bit more, and asked ourselves why we would pay $10 when we could get away with zero...we sure are getting chea....umh...I mean...frugal! Still, we went for a nice walk around the campsites (there was nobody else there) and even saw a deer with her fawn.

Mommy deer

and baby deer

By the time we got to Weyburn the sun was setting. We needed a few small grocery items and the GPS unit thought Weyburn didn't have a Wal-Mart here. We could have bought the groceries and parked for the night. So as we were driving around looking for a spot, what do we see in the distance but the new Wal-Mart, with the new Canadian Tire and Marks Work Wearhouse along with the new Tim Hortons...all on one new stretch of road. These little towns are sure being brought into the 21st century quickly, and I'm sure it's a major lifestyle change for the folks that have lived here for a long time.

So we are parked again for the night, and now the local radio station is calling for -3C...thankfully not the -9C  they had been saying yesterday! Supposed to go to 16C tomorrow though, so will try and get out and do some more hiking. Bought two DVD movies on sale at Wal-Mart...for $5 each. True Lies with Arnold, and 28 Days with Sandra Bullock. Going to watch part of one of them tonight in the laptop until the batteries wear down. Saturday night at the movies...

Update...10:00pm...our furnace has decided to quit putting out heat. It could be a cold night...

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 14...

October Fuel $ 817.79

October Grocery $ 187.65

October Overnight Costs $ 0

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