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Saturday, October 20, 2007

North of Wawa

Saturday October 20...9:00pm

Sure enough, nobody bothered us last night. But the rain never stopped. If there is one thing I am glad of, it is that our motorhome has ZERO problems in the way of leaks! It is totally leak free, and with the rain we had last night, if it was going to
come in, it would have come in then! It had rained so much that there were some streams and creeks along the road that looked like they were in danger of flooding their banks.

Headed towards Wawa this morning. Not too many people on the roads up here, except truckers and hunters. Sure not much in the way of RV vehicles...we are the odd ones out. But that's fine. Going through Lake Superior Provincial Park today we tried to keep the speed around 80 km/h because there are so many hills. Actually, some of the hills we slowed right down to 60 or so just to conserve on fuel. And the truckers have lots of passing lanes, so we weren't a bother to them when we were going slow.

View from a lookout spot in Lake Superior Provincial Park

Wawa is a DEAD town. Not sure who would want to live there. I think I've said this to myself about several of the Northern Ontario places we've been. Although I remember that when we were in Thunder Bay a few years ago that we said we thought that was a nice place. Should get there either Sunday or Monday, so we'll see what we say about it now.

And so we are set up for the night in the parking lot of the "closed for the season" tourist building in White River, Ont...yet another dead place. Found an open tap on the side of their building and so filled up our fresh water tank. We don't drink that's just for the toilet, shower, dish water...stuff like that.

Still have yet to fill up the propane tank. We had slightly more than half a tank when we bought Sherman back in early September, and it's now reading more than 1/3 full still, and that's after cooking, hot water, keeping the fridge and freezer cold and using the furnace during a cold night. So a full tank should last several weeks provided we don't have to use the furnace on a regular basis.

We have internet access tonight, so am posting this in real time. It is amazing how the internet has permeated these small northern communities. It really is the "world wide web". I sure wonder how these people got through life 10 years ago though. Now every second house has a Bell satellite dish nailed to the outside wall.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 7...

October Fuel $ 324.79

October Grocery $ 121.05

October Overnight Costs $ 0

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