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Monday, October 29, 2007

Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Monday October 29...10:10pm

Up early again this morning. I don't think we're quite adjusting to the time changes, and we'll be going through another one tomorrow when we get into Alberta. And then the time changes again with daylight savings time...oh, who cares! The one
big RV shop in town opened at 9am and we were there just before that. The service department said they were pretty busy and "might" be able to look at our furnace problem this afternoon. But they also asked if we wanted to contact the two other RV repair places in town, and they happily provided the phone numbers and a telephone. The one other big place was closed on Mondays, so we went to an independent guy by the name of "Tom's Mobile RV Repair"

Tom, it turns out, is a displaced Newfie. Nice guy, and he's not busy so gets to work on it right away. I'm watching and asking questions in case we ever have furnace problems again I'll know what to look for. He doesn't seem to mind. He quickly determines that he thinks the problem is a heat sensor switch buried way at the back of the furnace and the entire unit will have to be removed. He explained how he arrived at that decision, and I agreed with him. Looked to be about a 3 hour job, but we still didn't know until he got it apart if that was indeed the problem, or if we were able to find the part in town.

We took Whiskey for a long walk around the Moose Jaw golf course. Saw these funny "snowshoe hares"...or at least that's what we are calling them. Much bigger than a rabbit...maybe even slightly bigger than Whiskey. I kind of thought they looked like a rabbit when they were sitting down, but more like a goat when they were running. What a funny animal.

When we got back to Tom's he had the furnace all apart on the bench and showed me the defective switch. He drove me over to the first RV place we had gone to where they have a better parts department and sure enough they had what we needed. Ruth and I walked over to pick up a few groceries while Tom finished the job. By 12:30pm we were on the road. Labour $260 and $29.45 for the part. Tom makes good money! But now Kevin knows how these things work, and can probably fix it himself next time should something ever go wrong again.

And so we drove on to Swift Current with a strong headwind the whole way. It was a beautiful day though...everybody around here says there should be some snow on the ground, but it was up to 17 degrees today, and bright and sunny. Checked out a couple of "RV Parks" here to see if we could get a cheap rate and maybe use the showers, but the places are dumps. In fact, we wouldn't have stayed there for free! Wal-Mart tonight, and then off to the Swift Current swimming pool early in the morning for some exercise.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 16...

October Fuel $ 984.45

October Grocery $ 202.94

October Overnight Costs $ 0

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