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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just west of Dryden

Tuesday October 23...9:45pm

It was a little chilly waking up this morning... 4.4C on the digital thermometer beside the bed. Even Whiskey didn't want to get up. The problem is that it's nice and comfy in bed even at that temperature...but you definitely don't want to get
up! But, there was a road crew working nearby, and they were going by 7:30am, so that forced us out of bed. We're still getting used to the furnace system and the generator and what each one's capabilities are during cold weather. That's why we're putting up with the cold the way we are so far. When we get the propane refilled, we'll try leaving on the furnace at a low setting over night to see how well the thermostat works.

Another not so nice day. It was windy and rainy most of the drive from Thunder Bay to Dryden, and we stopped in Dryden to pick up a few groceries. They even have a Wal-Mart in Dryden now. But we noticed "no overnight parking" signs in the grocery store lot, and it turns out that the town of Dryden has banned all overnight parking by RV's in commercial parking lots...including Wal-Mart. We think that's a terrible policy by the town. I'm sure they lose a lot of business by other RV'ers who just drive right on through because of it. Why couldn't they welcome RV's and make a positive out of the situation, instead of a negative. We don't understand such backward municipal thinking.

We didn't spend any more time in Dryden, instead heading towards the little town of Vermillion Bay where there was a turnoff towards a provincial park that was about 9 km's away. We were hoping to find a free spot near the park, because we assumed the park would be closed. But we never got that far. Drove by a cemetery that looked like it had a nice spot and it was on the same road as the Vermillion Bay airport. So we parked there and walked to the airport. I bet this airpport doesn't receive 3 planes a month. So we moved Sherman to the airport parking lot where we are sure not to be bothered, and it sure is quiet out here. No cell phone service either. Middle of nowhere.

Parked for the night at Vermillion Bay airport

But it's supposed to go to -4C tonight, so have fired up the generator to be sure to have everything nicely heated and charged up before going to bed. The furnace does run off propane, but the house batteries need to be charged because they run the furnace fan.

On to Manitoba tomorrow...!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 10...

October Fuel $ 487.79

October Grocery $ 165.15

October Overnight Costs $ 0

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