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Monday, October 22, 2007

Thunder Bay...still

Monday October 22...9:45pm

Decided to stay around Thunder Bay one more day. And yeah...we still feel that Thunder Bay wouldn't be a bad place to live. It's got everything Ottawa does (except the language issue), and housing is half the price. A quick flight to Toronto, and you
can transfer to anywhere. Because they get "lake effect" weather, their winters aren't any different than Ottawa's, even though they're quite a bit further north. Well except for tonight...supposed to go to -2C here...lol.

Went for a long walk around the reservoir lake that was near the water falls and dam near where we were parked last night. Trains never bothered us, so actually it turned out to be a nice spot. Afterwards, we did some internet, and then decided to go for a swim.

The waterfalls from the dam near where we are parked

View of where Sherman is parked from the falls

You can see Sherman parked right in the centre of this pic 

Out for a walk around the reservoir

The 1981 Canada summer games were held in Thunder Bay, and they are very proud of the swimming facility that was built for the occasion. Besides, if we went swimming, we get some good exercise, plus we get to use their bathrooms and showers. We've learned in one short week that there are both benefits and drawbacks to living in a motorhome. The drawbacks are the very limited shower and bathroom facilities. They are more for convenience than they are for regular use, especially when using the motorhome with no added sewer, water, or hydro. However, having a bathroom in your motorhome can also be very convenient. So it's a toss up. Anyhow, went and did a half hour of swimming laps and then came back to Sherman and had some lunch. We think we are going to do this swimming thing at least once or twice a week.

Drove about 10 minutes west of town looking for Historic Fort William, and as we figured, it was closed for the season. We had figured it might make for another nice free spot to spend the night, but they are doing road renovations and improvements leading right up to the front gate, so we turned around. Ruth remembered a ski hill near by from the time we were here with Alex's baseball team 3 years ago, so we headed over there, and sure enough found a nice quiet spot in their parking lot near the bottom of the hill. We were about to go over and ask if it was okay if we parked here for the night when a pickup truck came by with two guys who looked like they worked here...sure enough they did and I asked if we could stay. He was a kind of an old grump, but said it was fine so long as we didn't trespass on the ski hill property. So that was fine, except we had had our eye on climbing one of the hills with Whiskey just to see the view. Oh well...so we just walked along the road for a bit.

Our spot by the ski hill for tonight 

Ruth relaxing in a bit of sun

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and with Sherman parked in the sun it was still over 20C in here when the sun went down. But they're saying -2C overnight, and it's already down to 13C inside while I type this. Will likely get up in the night to put the furnace on!

Driving to Dryden area tomorrow, and then on to Winnipeg.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 9...

October Fuel $ 487.79

October Grocery $ 121.05

October Overnight Costs $ 0

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