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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Sunday October 28...9:00pm

Sure enough, our furnace is out of commission. When we got up this morning at around 6:45am, it was only 3.5C at our bedside, and the thermometer in the front read about 2C. Heard on the radio that it went to about -1 in Weybrun, and it was a
little windy in the Wal-Mart lot, so without the furnace it got pretty chilly. We decided our best option was to start driving. That would warm us up quickly...so as soon as we had a quick coffee and tea, we were on our way.

Typical prairie...on the road from Weyburn to Moose Jaw  

Because of the furnace, we decided to change our route a little and headed north west up towards Moose Jaw. We had read online that there are two different RV service outlets there, as well as an independent mobile RV technician. And, it wouldn't be a long day driving because Moose Jaw was only about 160 km's drive.

As we entered Moose Jaw we stopped at the visitor centre but it was closed for the season. Then looked up the community pool to see if we could spend some time there, but the only adult swim is Monday, so we'll head there tomorrow. Went for a very long walk around Moose Jaw. It has an interesting history due to it's connections to Al Capone and the gangster era back in the late 20's and early 30's. I was trying to imagine what it was like when my father was born here...with it's gambling houses and brothels lining the downtown streets. A different world back then, that's for sure.

The moose as you enter Moose Jaw

Downtown Moose Jaw...with their Christmas decorations up already

Spend an hour or so trying to fix the furnace...just checking connections and doing everything the service manual suggests. But it could be a bad circuit board, or a bad gas valve or a bad switch somewhere...and without the proper test equipment it's pretty tough to diagnose. So we'll see what they say at the RV shop tomorrow and decide what to do the next couple of days based on that.

We're parked beside the Moose Jaw baseball diamond...a really nice fenced in field that has hosted a lot of baseball over the years. Not sure what kind of league plays here, but will try and remember to look that up. Listening to what could be the last world series game as I type this.

Not so cold tonight...supposed to go down to 3, but it's still much warmer than that now, and it's supposed to be 17 and sunny tomorrow!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 15...

October Fuel $ 817.79

October Grocery $ 187.65

October Overnight Costs $ 0

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